The Prodigal Returns!

Titch is home!

The Prodigal

Many thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers, and all the helpful advice. It did help when I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed. ūüėČ

She came in just a little while ago, seemingly none the worse for wear. Not that she was going to let me check her out. She did head straight for the food dish, so perhaps she was accidentally shut in somewhere.

I have a couple of half finished blog posts hanging around, which I do want to complete. There is the saga of the Jinxed Jersey, and a new (to me) way to correct errors in tatting, although that will probably go up on my tatting blog.

Thanks again to all.

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Straws and Camels

I have been trying to put together a blog post for the last few days – without much success. Then tonight my cat went missing. She is old – around 14 years – and doesn’t usually go far. But tonight she didn’t come in, and hasn’t come when I called. It’s ridiculous to be upset when so much else is going on. But I would appreciate any positive thoughts.

Otherwise my husband is still doing reasonably well on the new medication.

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Just a Quick Update.

I survived the perils of big city driving. The Navigation System and I have agreed to disagree on some points – but I didn’t do too badly.

The neurologist has said she thinks it is a form of Parkinson’s disease – apparently there are¬† range of them. I hadn’t connected Parkinson’s with dementia, but apparently it can be one of the symptoms.

He is on a new medication, and we go back in a month.

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Still Here…

We are still soldiering on. My husband has an appointment with a neurologist on Monday – we will see what she has to say.

To add to the excitement, the specialist is in Johannesburg. I don’t know my way around Johannesburg. My husband always used to drive in Johannesburg. I bought a GPS system that I haven’t had time to learn how to use. My next post may be from outer (or inner) Mongolia. I have no sense of direction – I mean that seriously as in I don’t know my left from my right. I’m mostly right handed, but do quite a few things left handed, and also switch around numbers, like 34 and 43. They would probably have a fancy name for it today. Suffice it to say I get lost VERY easily. I will not give my opinion of people who ‘turn west onto the freeway’. Cardinal points are for people in boats.

The dog and the cat have both been to the vet recently and are on medication. If the cockatiel starts anything, I’m resigning. (FYI the spellcheck doesn’t know what a cockatiel is – it suggested cockatrice which would be interesting, but difficult to fit in the cage)

One always hears about how little appreciation women get for the work they do, but I never realised just how much my husband did with keeping yard and garden in order. The lawn needs mowing, the flower beds need weeding and I’m the one who could kill a plastic daffodil. I think it really hit me that something serious was going on when I realised the lawn he spent days replanting last year was dying for lack of water.

I am still knitting and tatting – just rather sporadically. My brain is mush.

I have started another blog – marked private – where I do all my ranting. I need to get it out somehow. Yelling and swearing might upset the neighbours…


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About as Complicated as it Gets

First I would like to thank everyone who took the time to send good wishes and positive thoughts my way. I appreciate every one of them.

There is no easy way to say this. My husband has been diagnosed with dementia. We have an appointment with a neurologist to get a second opinion, but that is as things stand at the moment.

I gather dementia is a ‘catch-all’ diagnosis for a number of conditions, Alzheimer’s among them. He has been having some pretty severe symptoms, but there isn’t evidence of a stroke or tumour.

I would like to carry on my blogging as and when I can, but my posts are likely to be even more erratic than usual. I also can’t read and comment on everyone else’s posts as much as I would like.

I don’t plan to chronicle the difficulties which undoubtedly lie ahead of us – but felt I would like to let people know what is going on, as well as thank everyone for their good wishes and comments.


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Complications Compounded

My husband has been having some health problems lately. He will be going for an MRI tomorrow.

Positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

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Victoriana at 18 Stafford Terrace and the Sambournes

Time capsule.

Picture This uk

Edward Lynley Sambourne and his wife (Marion) took residence of 18 Stafford Terrace in Kensington  in 1874. The Sambourne family and descendants maintained the Victorian style and content.  The house was taken over and maintained by the Victorian Society and then the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in 1989.

The website ⇒ is informative, interesting and shows much of  Edward Lylynley Sambourne’s work as an illustrator.   There are a variety of tours available and open house (when photography is allowed) on some afternoons.  Hence the website is an essential read for those who wish to visit and may wish to note there are four flights of stairs without a lift..

The website is also used by Leighton House.  An interesting place but photography is not allowed (2017). 

For 40 years Edward Lynley Sambourne was notable contributor to the comedic and satirical magazine Punch ⇒ (which includes a large gallery…

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