Hairy Houdini Strikes Again

Caesar supervising

Caesar supervising

Caesar is still doing well, although we are thinking of renaming him. Hairy Houdini seems appropriate. It’s been nearly three months since he had the attack, and despite our best efforts, he has managed to get out four times. Okay, we got lucky and he didn’t get further than the yard, but it could have been a lot worse.

It’s heading into summer here, and keeping all the windows closed is problematic, to say the least. We tried leaving the storm windows open and he got out twice in one day.

Storm window

Storm window

I can see how he could climb up the burglar bars, but how to get out from there…


This is a cat with poor balance and worse vision.

The front yard is dreadful – there are any number of places to get out. We give him a walk in the front twice a day, but it’s eyes on all the time.

Our back yard has high pre-cast walls – a bit under six foot. We try and let him have as much freedom out there as we can. I can’t have eyes on him all the time, but I check every few minutes. He got out here too, with the assistance of a useful chair.

A useful chair

A useful chair

He jumped from the armrest to the top of the wall. This time I saw him do it, and I went pounding across the yard at my best speed, visualizing him running along the wall and falling into someone else’s yard. This is South Africa, many people have big dogs. I managed to scoop him off, much to his disgust.

The chair has been moved, and by heaven he found another way out. There was some stuff in a corner, and he got up onto the wall from there. When I realised he was gone, he was gone – as in nowhere in sight. I didn’t know where he’d got out, and went around calling frantically. I heard him miauing and then saw him coming along the top of the wall.

This time he was very pleased to see me and grabbed on tightly when I put him on my shoulder.  (He likes to lie over people’s shoulders, draped like a dishrag) He didn’t want to get off for ages, so I think he scared himself. However, I wouldn’t bet a cent on him not trying again. You can see him walking along and looking at the top of the wall while the tip of his tail twitches. A man with a plan.

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Being a writer

That’s write…

Two on a Rant

catdeadline A reminder that cats make terrible beta readers but are great at inducing writer’s block.

If you’re a novel writer, blogger, or poet, you’ve heard one or more of these worthless rhinestones of advice presented to us as priceless gems:

  • “Get a real job.”  (From the man who hates his job and is counting the days to retirement)
  • “You have a better chance of winning the lotto than being a successful writer.” (From the guy who won $50 in the lotto 10 years ago and continues to pay out $10 a month for lotto tickets)
  • It’s a waste of time.”  (From the person who spends 4 hours each night watching game shows and reality TV)
  • You’ll never make any money writing.”  (From the millionaire who never pays for anything if he can get it for free).

I’ve found that most of the people who tell you to give up writing and do something “meaningful” with your…

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Marvelous Marquetry

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Originally posted on My OBT:
This is the utterly fascinating traditional Japanese art of Hakone-Zaiku marquetry. Different naturally-colored wood pieces are cut and planed, then assembled into precise patterns, glued, shaved into paper thin sheets and applied to decorative boxes, trays, chests…

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Pocket Pals

This gallery contains 22 photos.

Originally posted on My OBT:
Hiroko Kubota Hiroko Kubota was making clothing for her little boy when he asked if she could embroider a cat on his shirt. The young mother, pleased with how it turned out, put a picture…

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For the Good of the Hive

This gallery contains 9 photos.

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Matt Willey/The Good of the Hive This is the lovely work of muralist/bee lover Matt Willey, who pledged to personally paint 50,000 endangered honey bees in 50 murals around the world. 50,000 is roughly the number of bees…

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Country Garden Crochet Bicycle

An Upcycled Cycle

In line with the current trend for cycling what better way to celebrate than to our craft than upcycling a bicycle.

I had so much fun creating this quintessential english country rose garden wrapped around one of the bicycles that were kindly donated by our local recycling centre in Burniston.

Country Garden Crochet BicycleA bed of 20 roses in shades of red, pink, peach and lemon made the cover for the seat. It wouldn’t be a rose garden without a cute little bumble bee, this little honey maker was donated by Mrs G, a very talented knitting friend.

Crochet Roses Bicycle SeatContinuing the rose theme with 2 giant blooms displayed on the rear wheel.

Crochet Bicycle Rear WheelWith his cute pink button cheeks a snail this sweet just has to be forgiven for having a little nibble on the vegetation.

Knitted Snail Rear WheelNestling on the front wheel is a silky silver spiders web, home to two (not so scary) spiders, but wait a minute there’s only one!

Crochet Bicycle Front WheelThere he is, he’s…

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Sending kahanas in mandalas!

Some beautiful Mandalas.

Water flowing, flower floating

I was taking a long walk today, to the part of my town I enjoy going but do not as often as I want to, when I noticed a tiny sign leading to a small gallery-café located at the end of a narrow alley. The few times I have been to this neighbourhood I never knew it existed, but today I was drawn to the place by this:


“Seeing with the mind’s eye,” Mandala Art by Ms. Kahana

***Please note this and all other works by her are posted here with her permission. Reproduction is prohibited***

At first, I did not really care what the art was about. I was only interested in its design… I thought I could learn something from it and someday be able to design my own tatting motives. I hid my ulterior motive (no pun intended!) and went up to the artist, Ms. Kahana, to…

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