A Quick Cat-ch Up

Caesar is still doing well. Apart from driving us up the nearest wall…

He wants to go out. He wants to go out now! We are spending a lot of the day walking around the yard behind the cat. Thank heavens he never was much of a tree climber. (This is an old photo. And a small tree…)

See how high I am!

See how high I am!

But he does want to go over the wall, which would be a BAD idea. Things are sometimes difficult for him, but he is coping very well.

MIne! Going to watch Animal Planet.

Mine! Going to watch Animal Planet.

He does manage to make himself comfortable wherever he is, in true cat style.

Meanwhile, in the Cat-cave...

Meanwhile, in the Cat-cave…

I have also posted on my tatting blog, for anyone who may be interested.

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In the News

Just a little something…

The Wonder of Miniature Worlds

As I was looking for a particular article on miniatures that was in the news recently, I realized there was not one place to go to find these links. Even Google search doesn’t come up with all of them. So here is a listing, not just of ones I am quoted in but other bits of mini news from sources outside the traditional miniature world.




Westchester Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine

Lenny Letter

Art Gallery of Mississauga

The Atlantic

CBS News

Museum of Arts and Design

National Building Museum

The Penn Gazette

The Walrus

Liz Smith

LOHUD: The Journal News


Movie Pilot




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Passing the torch of hope

Something to remember.

Water flowing, flower floating

I was not there seventy-one years ago today. I do not personally know anyone who was there seventy-one years ago today. No one around me who knew persons who were there seventy-one years ago today would talk to me about their stories… after all these years, it is all still very fresh in their memories and brings up feelings in them too strong to put into words. And every year on this day, I find myself once again not knowing what to say to properly acknowledge what they have gone through. So, once again this year, I spent the day in silence.

This year, the number of those who were there seventy-one years ago today that we have lost to date exceeded three hundred thousand. The average age of those who are still with us is now over eighty years. There are less and less who can tell us about…

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Another Update



Caesar Opportunus

We’re all learning to adjust, although looking after a partially sighted cat with balance problems is challenging to say the least. He wants to go where he wants to go, and doesn’t much care about the human trailing in his wake.

You can see that the left eye isn’t right, and the pupil is often much larger. The vet says he is completely blind on that side, although he has been having trouble with that eye for years. He is also starting cataracts.

Yet he is coping well, and is mostly all right. It’s just if he changes direction quickly that you can see a wobble, and he is using his tail to help him balance. We are going to have to see about cat-proofing some of the windows. We’re okay at the moment – it’s too damn cold to have the windows open – but summer is going to be a problem.

You can see where his front leg was shaved for the drip.

The bare leg look

The bare leg look

To add to all the fun and games, he hadn’t passed a stool since the attack on Sunday the 24th. Any cat lover will tell you, they don’t like being watched while they are doing their business. But we had to know. So we were stalking him around the garden, peering under bushes, all while trying to be close enough to see, but not so close that we put him off. The neighbours probably thought we were even nuttier than usual.

Finally – after a second lot of laxatives – his stomach worked on Thursday. Now we just have to watch that he doesn’t head off for the wild blue yonder.  At least we don’t have to peer under bushes as well.

Some days, just some cat poop can make you happy…

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Tim Forrest's E & A

Kate Malone: Inspired by Waddesdon, The Coach House, Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, until 16th October 2016


Baron Ferdinand Lidded Vase, 2016 © Kate Malone. Courtesy of Adrian Sassoon, London, photo Sylvain Deleu Baron Ferdinand Lidded Vase, 2016
© Kate Malone. Courtesy of Adrian Sassoon, London, photo Sylvain Deleu

Visitors to the special display at Waddesdon Manor this year of ceramics by Kate Malone will be left with no doubt why she is so highly regarded internationally. To many of you she will also be known as one of the judge’s in the BBC’s The Great Pottery Throw Down.

Kate Malone ©National Trust, Waddesdon Manor photo Kathy Chantler Kate Malone
©National Trust, Waddesdon Manor photo Kathy Chantler

She certainly found inspiration at Waddesdon and has produced pieces that reflect the gardens especially those at Eythrope on the estate which was the home of Alice de Rothschild.  From Waddesdon her inspiration came from architectural details and the passementerie decorating the curtains and upholstery in the house itself. Her residency while preparing for this project…

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Thanks to everyone who posted messages of sympathy and support. Every one of them is appreciated.

I woke up yesterday hearing a cat crying. Caesar was on the corner of the bed, but hanging on and looking panicky. He couldn’t stand up and kept falling to one side. We rushed him to the vet who put him on a drip. He’d had a stroke and there was swelling on the brain. She phoned that evening to say that he was still bad, and was blind. She phoned again this morning to say that there had been no improvement, and her recommendation was to put him to sleep. He was panicking at every noise and they were keeping him sedated. He was having difficulty eating, and the brain damage looked to be severe.

I phoned my husband and he said he wanted to say goodbye (Caesar was always his cat). We arranged to go to make our last goodbyes at 5 o’clock. I was on my way home from work when my phone rang. I was driving – in heavy rain, which just about suited my mood –  so could not answer. It rang again a few seconds later. I thought there had to be something going on, so pulled over and rang back. It was the vet, to say that Caesar had improved dramatically. He could walk, even if it was a little unsteady and had some vision. (He scratched her to prove it.)

We took him home, and will take him back for a check up tomorrow. Everyone at the veterinary practice was amazed at his recovery. And if I hadn’t waited for my husband, Caesar would have been put to sleep this morning.

Of course there is now the chance that this could happen again, but we are going to enjoy every minute of extra time we have with him. There has been damage – he is unsteady on his feet, and will need extra care with his limited vision.

He had his supper, drank some water and used the litter box. Amazing progress from yesterday.😀

Thanks again for all the positive wishes sent our way.

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Some Sad News

My one cat, Caesar Opportunus, is very ill. I won’t go into all the details, only that he is in hospital and on a cortisone drip. Any positive energy in his direction would be appreciated. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.


I’m not just smart, I’m gifted!

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