Blank page = blank mind. Well, I’ve been threatening to do this for years, go here goes. I have some plans, and I hope that putting them out there will give me the necessary impetus (read – kick up the …). I want to get back to writing. Did quite a lot, some years ago. Even had a book published, but life – being what happens while you are making other plans – got in the way. The times have changed, but the bottom line (Apply bottom to chair in front of computer – write) hasn’t changed. Writing itself isn’t a problem. FINISHING. That’s the big one. Half way through a book and I get this WONDERFUL idea. I’ll just get down the rough outline… And never go back to the first one. Get a few chapters in and get this WONDERFUL… You get the picture. Something about me. I teach music, which can simultaneously be fantastic and hugely frustrating, sometimes with the same student. Give me the choice of a talented pupil and a hard-working one, and I’ll take the hard-working one every time. Talent is like transport. You may have a Ferrari, but if you don’t put it in gear and get moving, you sit in the garage, while the guy with the bicycle is half-way to Cape Town. The local Art Festival is in a couple of weeks. I pray for good weather (too cold and they can hardly feel their fingers, never mind the music) and good nerves. For me as well as the students. I stress as much as they do. I just want them to play as well as they can, and get some objective feed-back, not just from the guitar-tannie. It also helps to see what the others are doing, and many a player has had to reevaluate their own playing when faced with someone five years younger who can play them under the table… Or finds out that they are better than they thought.


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