Writing, writer’s block

Writing? Well, not so much. I am so damn good at getting sidetracked. ‘Yes, but this HAS to be done…’ Cheap excuse. Maybe I must go back to basics and write physically on a piece of paper. My home computer is not connected to the internet, but there are all those games, all those half written stories… Just a quick look! Honest!

Where did the evening go?

Same place all of the others did.

Way back in the stone age (pre-computer days) I could write in the lounge with an A4 exam pad on my knee, with the TV going and supper half an hour late. Sit down at the computer? Quick game of Spider Solitaire, check through my old story ideas, gosh, I haven’t played Morrowind in ages (like two days ago)…

Well let’s see, I will try the ‘stick paintings on the cave wall’ thing for a while. Will let you know.


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Guitarist, Music teacher, Writer
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