Second Hand Music

I bought a whole load of old CDs a while ago, about 40 of them. An elderly man’s wife had passed away and he wanted to get rid of them. I found the original owner of the CDs and I had a lot of similar tastes in music, and wished I could have met her.

A depressing thought is all of the book and CDs I have collected. They mean so much to me, but when I’m gone… There’s no one in the family with the slightest interest, particularly in the music books. I’ve been collecting guitar music for more than thirty years, and there isn’t even a pupil of mine that I would consider leaving the music (and my three guitars) to.  I’ve helped sell a couple of guitars for other people, mostly people who have inherited an instrument and would rather just have the money.

There was one instance that I know of when it worked. The guitarist couldn’t play any longer due to arthritis. He gave his guitar (a real beauty) to his son and grand-daughter on condition that at least one of them learn to play. The grand-daughter turned out to be a very talented musician and a natual guitarist. Her father is also learning to play and they bought another instrument so they each had their own.

Another demoralising thought is that music is now so easily and continuously available that less people actually want to play for real. They just assume they will never be as good as their favourite artists and never even make the attempt. It’s not a question of whether one will ever be professional – the act of making your own music is completely different from passively listening.


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