Writing, novel month, saving

Still not making much progress with the writing. I did come across a web-site for writing a novel in a month. I see they are very anti-deleting. I can see the point of that – I tend to zig-zag backwards and forwards. It really bothers me to leave something I know is wrong, but then I’m not moving forward, just endlessly fiddling with what I have already done.

The really demoralizing part is that I have completed books before. I even had one published. It wasn’t a success – the comments were mostly very positive, but the sales were dismal. I did write to the publishers and asked for the copyright back, so I can give the book another shot, but I can’t even get as far as the synopsis.

Even more of a laugh, I used to run a writers’ group. It died from inertia at the end, but it ran for 14 years. I was even a tutor for a place that did writing courses through correspondence. Talk about ‘Physician heal thyself’. Sheesh.

Maybe the novel writing month will do it. Although I am panicking at the thought of 1 667 words a day. My ‘good days’ used to be around 500 words.

Maybe writing is like saving money. If you wait for money to left at the end of the month, it’s not going to happen. If you put the saavings to one side immediately…


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2 Responses to Writing, novel month, saving

  1. Ermilia says:

    I think that’s the invigorating thing about the Nanowrimo, it forces you to spit out thousands of words a day. Even though not everyone reaches the goal because life gets in the way it is a great challenge to attempt, even if you end up writing 5000 words, that might have been more than you would have written for the whole month anyway. I wish you the best! If you are looking for good writing prompts or inspirational photos I suggest you swing by Picture it & write on Ermiliablog. It might give you a kickstart to your novel. 🙂


    – Ermisenda

  2. The “doing, not thinking about doing” syndrome – ah, I know it well. Makes me all hot and nervous reading about it. You.ve taught it – you know that, whatever the end results, just getting yer head down and keeping going would help. Well, it would at least get summat on ‘paper’
    I wish you all good luck with the book in a month idea – it’s a good wheeze for an externally added discipline and is bound to trigger off some really usable stuff. Go for it! 🙂 Good vibes coming from here

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