Actually got my first day’s bit done for the NatNoWriMo. I must admit the start was pretty clear in my head. I suspect I may run into trouble later on.

My first love with writing has always been fantasy/science fiction. Writing in the ‘real world’ always gives me problems. If I’ve created the world, no one can say, ‘Yes, but it’s not like that’. My world, my rules. Which probably makes me a control freak, of sorts. At least the characters don’t complain. Much.

Partly what started me off writing (apart from being able to read before I went to school, compliments of my grandmother) was listening to the old radio serials (yes, I know. Age of the dinosaurs.). I couldn’t wait for the next episode and often went on with the story on my own. And very often I thought my version was better than theirs…


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  1. Great stuff! Sci Fantasy, eh? My daughter is into writing the same thing and is working on, I don’t know what, een as we speak. Here’s to more days of more words and ideas.

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