Tat’s a Little One

Had a go working with 60 cotton. Fun, but it turns out quite small! I’m fine as long as things are going well, but if I make a mistake, I need a magnifying glass. Some photos attached so you can see what I mean. The big bookmark is in 20 cotton. (Ignore the third medallion – it was supposed to have two, but I got the turn wrong and decided to keep going rather than pick back. Anyone who has had to back up tatting will know what I mean. You have to undo each knot, nothing like crochet or knitting.)

My next project is an antique butterfly. The pattern is out of an old book online (out of copyright and free to download). It’s tricky, the description is not clear, but I think it will be beautiful if I can get it right.


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One Response to Tat’s a Little One

  1. Lovely work. I know what you mean about the fine cottons and unpicking. Everytime I ever unpicked the cotton became both hairy and sweaty. Not nice. Your work is beautifully fine and balanced and clean – good luck with the butterfly.

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