cats, unplanned

We’ve lived in the same house for around 25 years. My husband used to race pigeons (that’s a subject for another blog – or series), so cats were something we couldn’t ever have.

Yes. Well, not so much…

Around eight years ago my son and I came home from choir practise. He heard a cat crying, and went to see if he could spot it (first mistake). Pathetic little half-grown cat scrambled its way down the tree and sat there looking hopeful. I masterfully decided that if the cat was fed, it would go on its way (all right! I can hear everyone laughing! By the way – second mistake). Three days later the cat was still camping out on our verandah. Husband was worrying about his pigeons (with good reason – I have seen what a cat can do to a loft of birds). For the sake of marital harmony he waited until I was out of the way and decided that he would chase the cat out of the yard with the aid of the hose pipe.

When I came back from grocery shopping, husband was standing at his workbench, trying to look busy and only managing to look sheepish. Seated at his feet was one sopping wet cat…

To this day that cat has my husband firmly under his paw. He was named Caesar Opportunus. He hardly ever climbed a tree again (not more than a metre, anyway) and never bothered the pigeons.

cat up a small tree

Look how high I am!

That wasn’t quite the end of our unplanned cats. Less than a year later my husband came inside with a handful of black-and-white cat. ‘We need to find a home for it’. Yes. That’s how we ended up with Titch, a four-legged raving lunatic who thinks nothing of wrapping herself around your leg and chewing your ankle when she is in the mood. We wanted to call her ‘Phantom of the Opera’ (she looks as if she is wearing a mask), but somehow it didn’t stick. She is addicted to boxes, and cupboards and anything she can get into. Will stick her head into the fridge every time it is opened. Will also leave little presents under beds and in the bath (talk about a morning adrenaline rush).

There's no toy!


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4 Responses to cats, unplanned

  1. Evil Genius says:

    I like the name Phantom of the Opera. And I agree, she does look like she’s wearing a mask!

  2. Yup, the 3 we took on in 1995 were ‘unplanned’ too. Now down to 1 who looks like the Felix cat. Name of Tickle and she also sticks her head in things and under things whilst leaving her bum outdoors, hence the name. She has just left us a nasty trail all down the stair carpet – I’ll leave it at that.

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