T’was the Night After Christmas…

Clearing up the debris of Christmas presents – or attempting to, the cats were having a blast with the wrapping paper – I was reminded of a Christmas when my son was around three. We had bought carefully chosen, age-appropriate gifts. He spent the day playing with the boxes.

I Luv Christmas!

There was an article recently about the rising levels of returns after Christmas. I wonder about those who gave the gifts. Did they really think they were giving a lovely gift, or was it a case of  ‘Oh, Jenny is 10 years old, this will do’?

Apparently the most returned items are clothes and shoes.

What is the definition of a perfect gift?

Something you would love to have, but can’t or won’t buy for yourself?

Something bought or made with you particularly in mind?

One of my favourite gifts this year is a hand-painted tray-cloth made by a friend of mine with specific reference to our weekly Scrabble-and-chat sessions.

Wendy Traycloth

Wendy Traycloth

The down side was that my present – a set of paints -would have been useful but uninspiring. I was lucky in that she gave me my present a few days early because she would be away on Christmas day. I went into emergency present mode and managed to put together something more personal. She does a lot of sewing and the ‘Pin Tin’ is a great way to keep little fingers and paws out of trouble. The pin cushion is attached to the lid, so it only needs to be turned over and put back on the tin.

Pin Tin

Cheryl's Pin Tin

My family and I have long ago reached the compromise of a direct “What would you like for Christmas?” which removes a great deal of angst – at least when you can get a clear answer. My husband can be more than a little awkward when it comes to clear answers.  One year he was still humming and hawing the week before Christmas.  I found a reclining chair I thought he would enjoy, got it home and discovered that the box was too heavy for me to lift. I draped a blanket over it and told him not to look while he carried it into the house…


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