Here Be Dragons…

Previously, tatting was mainly used as an edging, or for doilies. With the more modern approach, you can make just about anything! There are so many great patterns out there, and wonderfully helpful websites. I must say tatters are some of the friendliest people I’ve come across.

I managed to finish Anne Bruvold’s ‘Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon’. 

The pattern is gorgeous, and free on Anne’s site or on 

Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon

Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon (Anne Bruvold)

It’s the first piece I’ve done with Split Rings and it would really be impossible without them. The pattern does specify Single Shuttle Split Rings (SSSR) but this would involve joining a thread at the start of the body, and I’m all for having as few joins as possible.

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  1. Really lovely – great feeling of movement too. Am particularly struck by the equality and balance you’ve achieved side to side. Beautifully carried out, if I may say so.

    Also like very much your new site scheme. Great stuff. What made you change it?

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