Homegrown Lolcats

I have a soft spot for LOLcats. Not all of them, mind you. I don’t like cats being dressed up, or photoshopped. And having a couple of homegrown LOLcats lolling around, so to speak, I thought it might be fun to share a couple of photos of them.

I will love him, and cuddle him

Mai Human

Caesar Opportunus is the tabby cat – Caesar for short. Con artist, manipulator and puddle of purr. Gets stuck in trees and cries for help. Would be a Cat Olympic Gold Medal contender in the Marathon Sleep event, if he could be bothered to enter. Is supposed to eat very expensive special food from the vet, but will rather eat dog food, human food and fish food. Hobbies: training his human, chasing Titch around (see below) and alternately grooming and clouting the dog.

Leave book

Leave Book!

Titch is the black-and-white patchy cat. Was going to be Phantom of the Opera (she looks as if she is wearing a mask) until her true nature (raving lunatic hooligan) started showing itself. Has a generous and giving nature, especially when it comes to leaving nasty things under beds and in the bath. Hobbies: ignoring humans until cuddle reflex kicks in, lying on any piece of paper around (usually the book or pattern I am busy with) and hi-jacking my tatting.


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4 Responses to Homegrown Lolcats

  1. A poetry book too. That is one sad looking expression kitty has there; the whole downward look of the yes, not unlike a feline version of a pout, don’t you think? Lovely

  2. Debra - formerly Insanity Rules says:

    Brilliant! I love your writing style. Very humorous.

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