Works not in progress anymore…

Finished up two of my Works-in-Progress.

This Flower Bookmark is based on a pattern by Bina Madden, but I don’t know who did the adaptation! I found it somewhere, but it doesn’t have the name of the person on the pattern, which was in Spanish.


I’m not entirely happy with the doily – but at least I got it finished.


Next project – a tatted version of an 18th Century Drawstring Bag. I’m using black thread and it is really difficult to see what I’m doing, but I think it will be beautiful if I can get it right. I’ve been using a white towel on my lap while I’m working. It helps me to see, and when I’m finished I just fold up everything and put it down. I’d been doing this for a week when it struck me that my grandmother used a towel in exactly the same way for her knitting and crocheting. Memory is a sneaky thing…

I cannot pin down what it is about tatting that I find so satisfying. I’ve done quite a lot of crochet, and enough knitting that I can produce a usable item, but tatting is something different. I think it has more similarities to classical guitar than one might think. They are both perhaps a little obsolete in a technology-obsessed world. But when you get it right, WOW. Beautiful sounds, or a lovely piece of lace.


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6 Responses to Works not in progress anymore…

  1. Beautiful work. Love the bookmark. So how big is this reticule you’re tatting? Sounds like it’s going to be wonderful. Will it need lining, do you think?
    All the best 😉

    • notewords says:

      I should imagine it will need lining, unless I just use it to hold balls of thread – we’ll see about the size, it’s 20 cotton so it won’t be huge. I’ll post a picture when I get a little further. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. Lucie Winborne says:

    My grandmother did beautiful work like this, but I couldn’t learn! Do you think it’s a nearly dead art?

  3. Yana Zorina says:

    I used to tat as well and would love to revisit it in the near future.

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