Tall Guys and Seat-belts

Seat-belts are designed to keep one from exiting the car face-first in the event of an accident. I get that. I just have one small problem. Me. I’m 5 foot not-very much (about 1,5 metres if you want to be metric) and I’m female. No matter how much I adjust the seat, the seat-belt and anything else adjustable, five minutes into the journey I have the belt up under my armpit. Uncomfortable, distracting and I have the horrible feeling that I am more likely to be decapitated than saved in the case of an accident.

If I’m in the passenger seat, I can at least hook a thumb under the belt and stop it tightening up. When I’m driving, not so much. Try to loosen the belt a little, and it locks – keeping you safe, you understand. You have to pull it very gently – not easy when steering, changing gears and watching for traffic. Get it to ease a little and before you know it the belt is gradually tightening again. Back to square one.

Seat-belts – like so much in the world – have been designed by men for man-height, man-shaped… other men.


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3 Responses to Tall Guys and Seat-belts

  1. I most certainly hear you! I’m 4′ 10″ and am strangled/throttled by car seat belts. I pull the seat as far forward as poss so can floor clutch etc so that helps a little. I’ve tried using one of the shortening clips that are meant to be used for children and found it useless. Most ‘newer’ cars have a slide on the door post to lower the whole caboodle these days, don’t they? Mine helps a bit, but as you say, you do find yourself constantly adjusting the thing away from your windpipe. Most unsatisfactory, ain’t it?

  2. notewords says:

    It’s a daily frustration! Like the shelves in supermarkets that always seem to have the item I want on the top shelf… 😉

  3. segmation says:

    I am a short female and boy do I have difficulties sometime when I am in a car even reaching the peddles!

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