The Doily of Doom!

Actually, it’s the tatted cross of doom, but that doesn’t sound nearly as good. Ever had one of those projects that really seemed like such a goof idea at the time… (oh, dear, talk about a Freudian slip. That was supposed to be GOOD idea, but goof is so much closer to the truth.)

I fell in love with a pattern on Ben Fikkert’s website The Josephine Cross. Something of a challenge, but so worth the effort. It needs Self Closing Mock Rings – done those, Josephine Rings – think I can do those. I had plans. I had 60 thread. I was going to tat this pattern!

And I did. All the difficult bits! But what I couldn’t do was count the @#$%^ picots. And naturally only discovered my mistake when coming up the other side and trying to join to a picot that wasn’t there… Please note that tatting cannot be pulled out. Each stitch is a double knot that has to be undone (retro-tatted, if you want to be fancy). Also note that it is MUCH slower going backwards than it is going forwards.

Cross Missed Picots

I finished the cross – mistakes and all. It will be a bookmark. And the next one will be better.


P.S. Later update. I have had the bookmark of doom as well. And this is a pattern I’ve done a number of times. I’m always telling my music students – play what’s there, not what you think is there…


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8 Responses to The Doily of Doom!

  1. Patty says:

    Your tatting is beautiful! I’m so happy to “meet” someone else out there who tats. I especially like the butterfly you have pictured, and the cross, above. Beautiful! I tatted a small cross bookmark last summer…boy was that tricky!

  2. That is gorgeous! Whatever mistakes you made, you certainly hid them well! Great job

  3. OkeCrafter says:

    I know just how you feel – I have had similar experiences tatting myself, so it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one! But the cross still looks very beautiful.

  4. notewords says:

    Thanks! It is a lovely pattern. 😉

  5. jeanweaves says:

    Your tatting is lovely! A friend gave me a small tatted cross bookmark some time ago and I have been working on trying to duplicate it. It was a pleasant challenge–my version doesn’t look quite like her delicate one, but I will keep trying.

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