Here a Tat, There a Tat…

I finished this tatted bag a while ago, but am having trouble with the lining. It also turned out rather small.

Tatted Bag   Pattern Rhoda L. Auld

Tatted Bag
Pattern Rhoda L. Auld

The edging is quite pretty.

Tatted Bag Edging

Tatted Bag Edging

This is in size 20 thread, and would hold a small (25gm) ball. Maybe I should forget the lining and just use it as a thread holder with the ribbons looped over my wrist.

Rosa Frivola  Mary Konior

Rosa Frivola
Mary Konior

Um. Note the slip on the second motif from the right. This strip is supposed to roll up and make a 3D flower. Still working on that.

Coaster with random tatting - Mary Konior

Coaster with random tatting – Mary Konior

Random tatting is fun! The pattern only gives the middle section (the two flowers) and you get to carry on. Therefore each coaster will be unique. The book (Tatting with Visual Patterns) also has a beautiful collar using the same technique. Once you are past the flowers, it is mostly chains, so there is very little shuttle filling…

Pendant Pattern Marilee Rockley

Pattern Marilee Rockley

I love Mary Konior’s patterns, but have also become hooked on Marilee Rockley’s book Tatted Jewelry. Charming patterns, and some of them are quite challenging! Don’t ask about Catherine Wheel joins…

Primrose Path Mary Konior

Primrose Path
Mary Konior

Work in Progress –  Don’t do this one if you don’t like hiding ends, each pair of flowers is a separate motif. Four of them in the middle, something like twelve on the outer edge. If I had realised that before I started, maybe I wouldn’t have started…

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10 Responses to Here a Tat, There a Tat…

  1. Absolutely lovely, all of them. Lining netted, crocheted or tatted reticules is a pain in the whatever, it never quite fits smoothly. Super items and masses of hard work involved – thanks so much for sharing them 😉

    • notewords says:

      Thanks! Good to see you again. Hope all is well your side of the world – we’re cold here! But it’s warm during the days which makes up for it. 😉

  2. So many things! I like that bag, I’ve thought about making one too, but just not got around to it yet. If you line it, it would be nice for jewellery maybe? But keeping it as a thread holder is also a nice idea. Would stop it rolling off! I did actually start the primrose path doily some time ago, but made a rubbish job it it, so I didn’t quite get round to hiding the ends. Sound like it might be a blessing! I do like the Mary Konior book though. There’s a few patterns in there that I’ve made on repeat over the years.

  3. dianelaces says:

    Tatting with Visual Patterns would be the one book I would want with me on a desert island. So much variety in that book. I have two of Merilee’s jewelry books, you have reminded me to look at them again. You do beautiful work!

  4. These are all so beautiful. I love tatting but have only made small thinks like earrings!

  5. Lucie Winborne says:

    You do lovely work. I never could learn to tat! My grandmother was a master tatter, though. She made yards of beautiful lace.

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