NOW you’ve done it…

I have sent off queries to three agents.

It’s taken me quite some time to get to this point and I feel I should say something momentous, motivating and magnificent. All I can think is ‘Oh, s&%$! What have you done now, you idiot?’

I’ve danced this dance before, but that was quite some years ago. One thing I do know; don’t pin all your hopes on one submission. It’s devastating when/if it is rejected. So I’m trawling the internet looking for suitable agents and sending off a query every now and then. Hopefully this will prevent everything coming back in one big lump…

The last time I did this (the early nineties) I didn’t even own a computer. I wrote my first book out in longhand, revised it and wrote it out again. My numbering system evolved into things like Page ’45C1B3 from * to * in here’. Then I typed it out on a manual typewriter with a carbon copy as back-up. Okay, I can HEAR you laughing.

Snail mail was the only option. It cost a bundle, particularly if you tried overseas markets. You had to have International Reply Coupons because naturally South African stamps don’t work in other countries. We were unpopular internationally at the time and IRCs weren’t available. We had a roundabout method of sending money to the head post office in Swaziland which would then send the IRC…

One of the writers in our group had a copy of the Writer and Artists Yearbook that was only two years old. She’d bring it to the meetings and there would be a polite scrum at the tea-break for the opportunity to write out some addresses. (There was a copy in the local library, but it was about ten years out of date.)  Multiple submissions were frowned upon, so it was submit, wait, get rejected, try again… Now all you have to do is check out the agency’s website, adjust your query to suit their requirements and hit ‘send’.

I have to admit that I love the up-to-date information. The speed of e-mail is fabulous compared to snail mail But I still have this dreadful feeling that some unknown is going to read my query, laugh at the serious bits, look blank at the funny bits and send off the dreaded ‘does not suit our needs at this time’.

Technology might have changed. That hasn’t.

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8 Responses to NOW you’ve done it…

  1. writingmom2013 says:

    I wish you luck! Submitting is difficult, because it generally entails a lot of rejection. A lot. But keep reading, writing, and submitting. With perseverance, you will get published, if that is what you want. Remember, if Snooki can ghostwrite a bestseller, you can get published. 🙂

  2. ckendsley says:

    Good on you! Will you get rejected? Likely. But just keep writing and trying and getting better at your craft. That’s what J.K. Rowling – and dozens others – did, until finally someone said yes. It’s just a matter of time. Have faith in yourself!

  3. Have you considered self-publishing? It’s a lot of work and you have to be sure you get the editing, proofreading, layout and cover art covered professionally. But you get published and you get to keep more of any money you make. That’s the route I’m going with my works and what I intend to do to publish my daughter’s works. Good luck!

    • notewords says:

      My problem with self-publishing is the promotion part of things.I think I’d be dreadful at it! But I’ll certainly keep it in mind.

      Good luck to you with your projects.

  4. Well, no one can say yes if you never contact anyone. Huge congrats for getting this far, that’s a massive achievement in itself!

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