That’s Write; A Tat or Two!

I’m getting ready to send off a few more queries. So far I’ve had one thanks-but-no-thanks and a deathly hush from one who said no answer in a month means no thanks. It’s about a week before the month is up, so I’m assuming it’s a rejection. I’d better get a few more queries out there.

It’s a little tricky (and time consuming) that no two agents have identical submission requirements. One wants twenty pages and no synopsis, another wants a one page synopsis and ten pages… You get the drift. I’m thinking I’ll stay away from the ‘no reply’ ones for the moment. I’d rather get a reply, even if it basically says ‘buzz off’.

In between searching for merciful-looking agents, I finished up a few tatting projects.

Mary Konior's Primrose Path

Mary Konior’s Primrose Path

I was given some fancy scarf wool last year as a birthday present. I eventually finished the scarf and decided to add a few tatted butterflies.

Butterfly Scarf

Butterfly Scarf

A little mini-kaleidoscope of butterflies. The only trouble is they tend to hook onto things. I have a much more sensible scarf, but I’ll stick to the trouble-hunting butterflies.

Mary Konior Large Cross in 100 thread.

Mary Konior Large Cross in 100 thread.

I made this as a gift. I actually like the 100 thread, although it can be a pig. I was going along quite happily when I found a single knot in the ball thread. I have no idea how it got there and couldn’t get it loose. I ended up having to cut the thread and rejoin. It’s not obvious, but I know it’s there…

For anyone who wants to see the difference between 20 thread (the blue cross) and 100. It’s the same pattern in both crosses – the blue one is 16 cm long.

Crosses in 100 and 20 thread.

Crosses in 100 and 20 thread.


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4 Responses to That’s Write; A Tat or Two!

  1. Cables and Colors says:

    Your tatting is so beautiful. Good luck with your submissions.

  2. Wow, lovely Primrose Path – you’re so speedy! Hang on in there with the agents, all good practise for the right one 🙂

  3. notewords says:

    Thanks! All helpful comments much appreciated 😉

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