Laughing Birds

We’ve been living in the same house for nearly 30 years. Recently a pair of Hadedas began nesting in the oak tree in our front garden. For those who have never had the dubious pleasure of meeting one, they are a member of the Ibis family.

Hadeda Ibis and Watching Cat

Hadeda Ibis and Watching Cat

The cat (not one of ours) is on the wall, while the bird is on the pile of sand. (A gardening project of my husband’s. Don’t ask.)

They have a very distinctive call – Ha-ha-hadeda. I always thought of them as laughing birds when I was growing up.

If you would like a clearer picture

They are fairly big birds. It does then follow that they make… um… big messes. The Jack Russel thinks this is a wonderful addition to the landscape and rolls in it at every opportunity. He also chases them. Since they stand somewhat higher than he does, one wonders what on earth he would do with one if he ever caught it. I have this vision of the Hadeda flapping away with a Jack Russel dangling from one leg.

Friends of ours had Hadedas nesting in a beautiful shady tree in front of their yard. It was a natural place for people to park, so they nailed a sign to the tree.

Beware hadedas.                                                                                                                              Be glad ostriches can’t fly.

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