Spring Is Gone, Winter Coming On

Six months ago I was boasting about the benefits of living in the Southern hemisphere. That was then; this is now. We are into autumn, digging out the warm clothing and seeing which of the heaters still work.

Roadside flowers

Roadside flowers

But for me, autumn means cosmos. My mother used to call them ‘summer’s last fling’ and that’s pretty much what they are. We had a good show this year, probably because of all the late rain in March.

These photos are from a moving car – the best shows are along the road. However, there’s no shoulder to park on and I’m not taking my life in my hands to snap a few pictures. In case anyone thinks I was taking the ‘using your cell phone while driving’ thing to a whole new level, my son took the photos.

Further down the Road

Further down the Road

And another stretch of road.

Roadside Flowers 3

Roadside Flowers 3

Another stretch of road.

Another stretch of road.

This last one was accidental, but I like it so here it is.

Accidental Trees

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2 Responses to Spring Is Gone, Winter Coming On

  1. Cheri says:

    Love the flowers!

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