A Small Confession…

When I took my first few hesitant steps out onto the Internet, one of the first sites I came across was http://theinfill.wordpress.com/. The blogger is creating – from scratch – a Doll House to die for. The small confession is that I also have a doll house in progress. Note that mine does not rate capital letters. It has been in progress for more than a decade – life keeps getting in the way. Mine compares to hers something like a bicycle to the Space Shuttle.

I plan to use my tatting to create pieces for my doll house that look in scale. I don’t know if I’m succeeding, but at the moment I think either the bed is growing or my tatting is shrinking. There is quite a few month’s work here. The thread size is 100. I should perhaps have used 5. Or started with a doll doily…

Doll House Bedspread

Doll House Bedspread – incomplete

Doll House Bedspread 2

The shuttle gives an idea of the size

I will mention that there is no pattern. Strange things may happen before this is done.


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11 Responses to A Small Confession…

  1. Fiona T says:

    This is a fabulous piece – sometimes our best ideas are accidental! Looking at the other blog now- amazing stuff. I can’t wait to see yours develop too 🙂

  2. A superb piece of tatting! I love the design – and it’s nearing there, all down slope from here. How have you managed to keep it so beautifully even?
    (Big big thanks for the embarrassing mention – I gave such a shout when I saw it Steve came rushing in to see what was the matter with me 😉 )
    So tell us about the doll’s house, then … 🙂

    • notewords says:

      Thanks so much. 😉

      Your Doll House has always inspired truck loads of envy. I will tell more about mine in another post. Suffice it to say it came bit by bit with a partwork magazine…

  3. … your doll’s house – please.

  4. Mmmm…
    life does get in the way
    I have calculated that an extra hours every day would solve most of my problems AND leave me spare time to be creative

  5. fabrickated says:

    Thank you for showing us this little slice of your dolls house project. I made a quick one once, by going to an evening class for a term, so around 30 hours. It was pretty basic and made to a pattern. Just the house, not the furniture. To be honest I bought the furniture – just chunky blocky stuff, but for my kids to play with rather than for me to treasure. We have an amazing collection of dolls houses in our museums here – at Windsor and at the Museum of Childhood. They are just such wonderful, magical things. We all seem to love miniatures of all sorts, and I suppose tatting lends itself to that. Labour of love.

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