If You Like Cats…

A lot of people start up twitter accounts or blogs about their animals. Many don’t last past a few weeks. Others are a bright spot whenever they appear.  I’m not fond of animal dress-up or photo-shopped images – natural cattitude is the way to go.

This is Caesar Opportunus. Has master’s degree in purring and manipulation.

I will love him, and cuddle him

Mai Human

This is Titch. She was going to be Phantom of the Opera – she does look as if she is wearing a mask. Then her true nature became apparent. Raving lunatic chewer of ankles, lizard hunter and leaver of strange icky things in unexpected places (like the bathtub).

There's no toy!

There’s no toy!

It is always nice to know that you are not alone in having crazy animals. Long term cat staff (dogs have masters, cats have staff) may know of these sites. If you haven’t come across them (and cute cat pictures make you go awww) they’re worth a look.

Ccatfoodbreath sums it all up in the header Furry, Feline, Fabulous. He is a 17 pound Siamese with a Sushi habit.


A cartoon cat with a long suffering owner. The YouTube videos are a delight.


And last but not  least, Bailey Boat Cat. Another Siamese and one who boasts his own life jacket.


Enjoy, and if you are owned by a feline, hopefully your own cat is not destroying the Christmas tree (or any other valued object) as we speak.

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12 Responses to If You Like Cats…

  1. I think my cat loved my Christmas tree more than I did.

  2. We gave up the idea of a decorated tree a few years ago. It’s just too much trouble for now with all of our cats!

  3. siobhandaiko says:

    Happily, our cats ignore the tree. But they do go outside and I think that makes a difference. 🙂

  4. Cheri says:

    Oh so adorable! I really miss having cats, but just not ready for new ones yet. Give them a scritch or three from me. 😉

  5. What can I say? Cats are purrrrrfect companions! Yours look adorable. 🙂

  6. I love the cats’ names! Ours aren’t as creative, being composers and painters. We are definitely in the “staff” category. Proof can be seen here: http://www.ericas.com/nl/crafterkitties.htm I can always use guest Crafter Kitty photos. Thanks for visiting my blog. Erica

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