Carry Cat

Titch lending a paw...

Titch lending a paw… That’s my tatting bag she is using as a pillow

Someone said that a cat’s mission in life is to find out what you’re doing, and stop you doing it. An excellent weapon in their arsenal is ‘presents’. This covers the entire spectrum of things that cats will bring into the house to share with their humans.

There was an interesting post on on this subject  Naturally cat-loving humans got busy in the comments section to brag about what items their felines had brought in.

I have posted previously about the patchy cat and the bat, but then I remembered that she had once brought in a small dove’s egg.

I couldn’t find the photo, but I found the egg! My son had kept it carefully wrapped up in a box.

Done Egg

Dove Egg

The egg was somewhat discoloured – it is at least three or four years old, but it cleaned up well and here is the tooth mark.

Egg with Tooth Mark

Egg with Tooth Mark

I’d be interested to hear of any other ‘interesting’ presents from feline friends.

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19 Responses to Carry Cat

  1. Marc-André says:

    You still have that egg? 😀

  2. Zarina says:

    One of my cats brought in a bird – all intact. Not exactly sure if it was dead before he found it.

  3. notewords says:

    Yes. I would have thought it would have gone rotten and stunk out the place, but it sort of dried up. There was a small crack; that might have had something to so with it.

  4. fabrickated says:

    I don’t have a cat, so I don’t get presents but the egg is amazing. I am interested to hear about what else they have delivered!

    • notewords says:

      Mostly mice, birds and lizards. One time it was a bat. Mostly they are alive, so I spend a lot of time catching and releasing them.
      Possibly the cat thinks she is giving me nice toys so I can also have fun catching them…

  5. floridaborne says:

    That’s the first I’ve heard about a cat bringing in an intact egg. Mine bring in lizards, mice and cardinals (which makes me wonder if male cardinals are the least intelligent of the bird world).

  6. Jean Ottosen says:

    No cats here either, but I grew up with them. They do have an interesting idea of what might be interesting to play with! Ours used to like to play with the ants tracking across the living room floor to the pantry in our old farmhouse. Gram and Mom knew when to put out the ant bait when they saw the cats behaving oddly in the living room.

  7. Clairinette says:

    My cats gifted us with birds, mice, lizards mostly.
    Once, the male came back with one back leg of a rabbit… I don’t know what he did with the rest of it.
    Love your dove egg. Your cat had to be so delicate to not break it!

  8. ckendsley says:

    Ah, yes. The Gifts. It’s been a while since I had any, as we’ve had strictly indoor felines for nearly two decades. But before that I did have a mighty bird hunter. I watched him snatch a hummingbird out of mid-flight once. He would put his offerings on my pillow. I made the mistake of throwing one away while he watched, and suffered his wrath (he ignored me) for days. I was always much more careful disposing of his presents after that. It’s just their way of telling us what terrible hunters we are. 😉

  9. thepogblog says:

    Mine likes swiping my neighbours food best. I’ve had a pork chop, sausage, fresh salmon fillet and chicken burger complete with lettuce leaf. the best has to be though when (in the dark) I thought he’d bought in a rat. When I turned the light on to dispose of it, I discovered it was a joint of cooked roast beef. Enough for dinner for around three people… I’m sure which ever neighbour is losing their dinner to him has a price on Norman-cats head… :/

  10. Oh my word thepogblog comment takes the cake! What a cat! Two of our three gift the usual, mice, rats, bats – we live on a farm.

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