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What you find depend on what you are looking for!

Musings of a Madwoman

The 21st century has brought us many wonderful things: dark chocolate M&Ms, Hugh Jackman, the iPhone, and the 24/7 news cycle. This brave new century has also given us some not-so-wonderful things: selfies, Kim Kardashian, ISIL, and the 24/7 “news” cycle. Yes, it’s a blessing and a curse, that 24/7 instant connectivity thing. In seconds, some old broad sitting at her computer in Southern California can read about a plane crash that happened earlier in the day in the French Alps, watch a video of the Pope performing a miracle a few days ago in Italy, or listen to a modern Australian orchestra accompany an instrument that is arguably thousands of years old. Alternatively, she can also find millions of cute cat pictures, play Internet Solitaire, or use HuluPlus to watch every episode of every TV version of Star Trek ever made…

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