All Quiet on the Blogging Front

If anyone thought I’ve been rather quiet lately, they’re right.

For reasons best known to itself and Microsoft, my computer decided to add some interest to my life. My user profile somehow switched to some mysterious ‘default’ setting, and everything was gone. All my documents, files, images, everything. After I nearly had heart failure (I have back-ups, but still…) I discovered that everything was still there, but ‘mysterious default user’ couldn’t see it.

Some work-arounds later and a new profile things were working again – sort of. All my setting and bookmarks are gone. Every programme I go into says “Who you? Don’t like you. Go away.” Yes, exactly like dealing with a stubborn two-year old.

And all of the ‘uber-helpful’ ‘we-know-just-what-you-SHOULD-want-let-us-sort-it-all-as-WE-like-it’ stuff I’d deleted or disabled years ago was running rampant through my system. The notion that I would like to turn things on when I want them is obviously too weird to be considered.

I love technology. I think computers are one of the greatest inventions ever (and I’m old enough to remember the world without them). But there are times I would gladly go and live in a cave. And draw on the walls with a charred stick.


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33 Responses to All Quiet on the Blogging Front

  1. foguth says:

    Been there!
    I now make a ‘time machine’ back up on a separate hard drive once a week and do frequent backups of active files/documents on a 8 geg jump stick in between.

  2. fabrickated says:

    Me too. I made some changes and then all sorts of things started happening without human intervention. The fact that you are back, and have recovered all your post, is good news.

  3. Computers are wonderful until they start making their own decisions. My “stuff” is backed up in two different ways, and still I’m nervous…and I miss the beauty of handwriting.

    • notewords says:

      It’s scary how things can disappear so easily. I had a computer many years ago (it was a 286, if anyone remembers what that was). I backed up religiously on floppy disks. Then one day nothing worked, and I found all my back-ups were corrupted – there had been a problem with the control card for some months. I lost half a book I’ve never had the nerve to rewrite.

  4. ckendsley says:

    Technology is wonderful – until it’s not. Sorry you’ve had to deal with such frustrations. Maybe you should rewrite that book in retaliation against the Machine. 😉

  5. frilka says:

    Glad to here that things are getting back to normal … the whole appearing and disappearing stuff sounds a bit like a DR Who mystery 🙂

  6. LadyPinkRose says:

    OH how I have walked in your shoes, and believe me, my Heart just about fell out of my chest. Now I back up my work on an external HD, taking absolutely no chances of loosing my work. I am very happy for you that you were able to recover your work. I was not so lucky. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  7. jeanweaves says:

    All it takes is one “helpful” update–and everything can change. While I recognize the need to fight bugs, sometimes I don’t know which “updates” to trust and which ones are bogus. I am such a dinosaur! But then, I am a weaver after all…

  8. Thumbup says:

    I think my computer can walk?

  9. notewords says:

    Thanks! Unfortunately we don’t celebrate it over here, but I hope you had a great one. (I wouldn’t have minded a long weekend…) 😉

  10. Ginny says:

    So sorry that happened! Computers! I know exactly how you feel. When the computer does what I tell it to, it’s great, but when it doesn’t, the whole world seems like it’s falling apart. Hopefully it will cooperate with you from here on out.

  11. painkills2 says:

    Talk about quiet… Well, at least you changed your wallpaper. I mean, that is new wallpaper, the snow-covered trees, right? Pretty. 🙂

  12. I did wonder if you had been kidnapped……………..
    Computers the scourge of modern life, but without them we would not be here blogging- so

    Also, have had pleurisy , vile , and I have to tell in the spirit of bloghonesty that from this point, every chest infection you have will feel like you are being crushed from the inside

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