The Learning Curve

I’ve been tatting for nearly four years now, so I don’t quite count myself as a beginner, but it’s an ongoing process. So I joined The Online Tatting Class. It’s free, it’s fun and there’s always someone to ask if you run into trouble. The patterns are helpful and usually have links or illustrations for techniques that may be unfamiliar. There is also a class for Beginners.

The Online Tatting Class is on a break at the moment, but all the patterns and the notes are still available for you to try.

Melt into Spring Snowflake

Melt into Spring Snowflake by Marilee Rockley

Melt into Spring Snowflake by Marilee Rockley

I love the pattern, but don’t like the colours. My own fault, I just used a few spare shuttles with some left over thread. I plan to redo it in blue and white. The daisy chains were new for me (the middle section). I love Marilee Rockley’s designs, and have her book ‘Tatted Jewellery’.

Old Tatted Motif

I had a lot of trouble with this one. It is from an old book in the public domain. There are no patterns in the book, only photographs. A pattern and diagram had been added, but there are differences between the pattern and the diagram.

My first try was a mess, so I took some time off to practise some of the techniques.

My second try at the motif was more successful, but it didn’t lie flat. Here it is folded in half, and is clearly not a proper half-circle.

Old Pattern

Old Pattern

Flattened out – you can see where it is a little distorted. I learnt to do onion rings on this, and also tried a split chain.

Old pattern - open

Old pattern – open

Here are some of my own projects.

Doll House Bedspread

Doll House Bedspread

This is a miniature bedspread for a doll house in 100 thread. No pattern, because I thought it would be simple… The corners look messy because I am trying to work out an edging for it.

I also made a mistake that I saw far too late to do anything about. I thought I had compensated, but ended up with 37 rings on one side and 38 on the other…

Bedspread Error

Bedspread Error

Here is a picture of the bedspread on the bed. I hadn’t done the side sections yet.

Doll House Bedspread

Doll House Bedspread

I am also working on the Martha Ess Celtic Shamrock Wreath.

Celtic Shamrock July 2015

Celtic Shamrock July 2015

Four working shuttles…

I do have another blog Tatted Threads. I will be doing another post on these pieces with some more technical information for anyone interested.

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37 Responses to The Learning Curve

  1. foguth says:

    Your work is BEAUTIFUL! Does it take as long as it looks like is should?

    • notewords says:

      It is slow compared to something like crochet, but if you make smaller pieces and jewelry, it doesn’t take forever.
      I do knitting and crochet as well, but tatting is just something special.

  2. Cheyanne says:

    WOW! So beautiful! Maybe I’ll add this to my list of things to learn how to do!

  3. fabrickated says:

    I love the green one. Super work.

  4. frilka says:

    hello – not only you are talented but brave and creative – coming up with your own piece for the little bed spread – BIG WOW from me! 🙂 looking forward to more news like this … and I am going to have a peek at your other blog too! 🙂 x

  5. frilka says:

    how can I message you? 🙂

  6. Peeko Crafts says:

    I keep meaning to pop into the Online Tatting Class but it just never seems to happen! It’s on in the evening for me on this side of that big old lake and I always seem to be busy. Lovely work 🙂

    • notewords says:

      Thanks. It’s also in the evening for me, but the class notes are there to download and so are the patterns. I don’t always make the class myself.

  7. woolpickle says:

    Beautiful work! I have no idea how to do needle tatting so it’s magical to me.

    • notewords says:

      This is actually shuttle tatting, but there are a lot of similarities.

    • Artnunymiss says:

      I was very disappointed when my shuttles came and I couldn’t figure them out for the life of me. Then I found a lady with a YouTube channel named RustiKate. Her needle tatting instructions are incredibly simple. I got it on the first try!

      • notewords says:

        Wow! It took me three days and lots more practice after that. Well done! 😉

      • Artnunymiss says:

        Well, I’ve still never figured it out with shuttles, so don’t congratulate me too far! I also am not really sure when I’m supposed to turn the work. But I still love it.

      • notewords says:

        With shuttles it is usually between the rings and the chains. There is a very active tatting website – Craftree – for both shuttles and needles. They are very helpful. 😉

  8. nimi naren says:

    I love tatting too. But haven’t in a while. Should start…thanks for the lovely post and the reminder☺☺

  9. Artnunymiss says:

    Great job on adapting a vintage pattern! I love doing those old patterns too. Very nice job.

  10. This is beautiful work that inspires me to try using the online tuition. Thank you 🙂

  11. jeanweaves says:

    You do such nice work! I especially like the “Melt into Spring Snowflake.” Your color changes are so smooth–did you have to use more than two shuttles? And the green vintage motif is very nice– what a gift to be able to reproduce something by just looking at a picture!

  12. sunnyquilt says:

    Thank you for sharing. You’ve made beautiful pieces of work! Motivated to learn more now~^0^

  13. sunnyquilt says:

    I was trying out a project i found on the Internet but i am having problem halfway through. I was wondering if you could help me?

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