The Internet hates me… And my manuscripts.

Recently Hodderscape had an open submission window from the 3rd August to the 16th. Normally they only accept agented submissions. I spotted the link on a South African website on the 6th…

Frantic writing and rewriting ensued. I have two books that I had previously submitted to agents. The synopsis for each was around two and a half pages. They wanted two pages… And so on and so on. Long story short, I made the deadline, with about two hours to spare.

A few days later they posted on the website that anyone who hadn’t received a confirmation e-mail should send a query. Guess who hadn’t received a confirmation. I e-mailed and was told to resubmit. Which I did. Still nothing. 😛

I think I will go away and keep working on the manuscripts. They are both under the required length of 50 000 words. The one of the comments on the open submission page did say that the manuscripts need not be complete, which is why I gave it a try. One is fairly close, the other would need more work. And 50 000 words seems to be the minimum on most of the sites I looked at. Hodderscape are saying that they will have another open submission at some stage – I have subscribed to their newsletter, so hopefully I will have a little more warning the next time!

One happy outcome, I am writing regularly again! :-))) The ten days I spent hammering away has got me into a routine again.

Serendipity rules.


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10 Responses to The Internet hates me… And my manuscripts.

  1. foguth says:

    Have you considered indie publishing?

  2. A sort of ‘great’ and ‘not so great’ carry on. How v frustrating with the non-communications though! But back in the flow, eh? Superb!!!

  3. annj49 says:

    Amazing how you are handling that!

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