Everything they taught us about stories was WRONG

Read and learn…

The Red Pen of Doom

Let it be known: Romance authors have a good point when they say, “Romance is NOT a type of story.”

It is not a plot. There are all sorts of different romance stories.

Which brings me to a deep, dark truth that needs to be said: They’ve done us wrong.

I have come to believe that everything they have taught us in creative writing,  and in college, is boneheaded nonsense.

Except for the whole “earth is round” thing, plus the science and the math. That stuff is solid.

My secret lair includes a turret that is a library, full of Every Book on Writing, Rhetoric and Journalism Known to Man, and those books are 99 percent useless claptrap about either (a) the correct placement of semi-colons, which I believe should simply be shot, or (b) finding your happy place while you write at the same time every day.

These books are only…

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