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The Wonder of Miniature Worlds

As I was looking for a particular article on miniatures that was in the news recently, I realized there was not one place to go to find these links. Even Google search doesn’t come up with all of them. So here is a listing, not just of ones I am quoted in but other bits of mini news from sources outside the traditional miniature world.




Westchester Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine

Lenny Letter

Art Gallery of Mississauga

The Atlantic

CBS News

Museum of Arts and Design

National Building Museum

The Penn Gazette

The Walrus

Liz Smith

LOHUD: The Journal News


Movie Pilot




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3 Responses to In the News

  1. I just love miniatures. I wondered if you ever tatted doilies from thread for antique table top miniatures. My aunt was into miniature doll houses years ago and she asked me to tat little circles the size of a dime. I sent her several and was shocked when she sent me a check for 20 dollars. She said she only wanted the ecru or white colors. 🙂

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