It’s Getting Better!

My son is out of hospital – for the second time – and is starting to look better. All in all, he was in hospital for over two weeks. Two different hospitals, mind you. The first one let him out too early and he started running temperatures again within 48 hours. He’s still got a way to go – he’s only started eating properly again in the last day or so – but he is more like his old self.

Caesar is still doing all right, although he drives us nuts occasionally. And he’s still trying to get out of the yard. His eyesight is poor – I’ve seen him walk into things and stumble over obstacles – but that doesn’t stop him trying. Our back yard has a six foot pre-cast wall around it, but there are places he can get out so we have to watch him. We are now going into summer, and we can’t leave the windows open. We are probably going to melt…

No lap

No lap

Caesar making himself at home while my son reads. What can I say. They both looked comfortable.

Thanks again to everyone for all the positive messages. Much appreciated! 😉


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16 Responses to It’s Getting Better!

  1. So, so glad to hear the good news. It will take your son awhile but at least he is getting better!
    And poor little Caesar, watch that little escape artist!!

  2. Wishing you’re son a speedy recovery x

  3. Good news 🙂
    Still thinking positives …

  4. foguth says:

    Purrs & prayers for a complete recovery.

  5. What a precious picture! Praying for your son and your sweet kitty.

  6. thebiasedge says:

    So happy to hear that he is much better.

  7. Sandy says:

    I’m glad your son is home. They seem to get better quicker there. There is such comfort in having an animal lean into you.

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