Sending kahanas in mandalas!

Some beautiful Mandalas.

Water flowing, flower floating

I was taking a long walk today, to the part of my town I enjoy going but do not as often as I want to, when I noticed a tiny sign leading to a small gallery-café located at the end of a narrow alley. The few times I have been to this neighbourhood I never knew it existed, but today I was drawn to the place by this:


“Seeing with the mind’s eye,” Mandala Art by Ms. Kahana

***Please note this and all other works by her are posted here with her permission. Reproduction is prohibited***

At first, I did not really care what the art was about. I was only interested in its design… I thought I could learn something from it and someday be able to design my own tatting motives. I hid my ulterior motive (no pun intended!) and went up to the artist, Ms. Kahana, to…

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4 Responses to Sending kahanas in mandalas!

  1. foguth says:

    That is a true work of art!

  2. snowygrounds says:

    Hi, notewords – thank you for sharing my post here. I’m so glad none of the reflections of me in the photos had any effect on people seeing the brilliance of all the artworks!

  3. Sandy says:

    I like Mandalas and this one is great.

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