In 2017 there is Hope and there is the True Nature of Humanity

If you look for evidence that the world is a terrible place, you will find it everywhere. If you believe there is still hope and heroes, you will find them everywhere.

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“2016 was rough but we still have every reason to hope” says Avaaz ⇒.  Avaaz has 43 million members and raise petitions that work on the local, national and international level.  More ↓.

Below is the extraordinary story of the boatmen who came forward and helped people caught in the 9/11 disaster.  They did not know what had happened and did not know if they were at risk. Five hundred thousand people were rescued in less than nine hours.  It is a compelling video.  Cindy Knoke (of renamed it “The True Nature of Humanity”.  If the sound is interrupted, pause the above slideshow.

Vincent Ardolino, Captain of the Amberjack V, said at the end:  “I never want to say the words ‘I should have’.   If I do it and I fail, I tried.  If I do it and succeed, better for me.   And, I tell…

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3 Responses to In 2017 there is Hope and there is the True Nature of Humanity

  1. D J Mills says:

    “I never want to say I should have”

    Yes, this. Always. 🙂

  2. It’s true! It seems like a rough time, but there are a lot of good people doing good things. We all get to be part of that, luckily. Thank you, as always, for the likes, notewords! : ) Happy belated New Year.

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