Museum Miniatures Part 1

Tiny treasures.

The Wonder of Miniature Worlds

If you are a miniaturist you know that the most familiar places to view miniatures are the miniature exhibit and sales room, and the few miniature museums that are located in the center of the country. But for those who can’t visit these venues, there are miniatures located in pretty much every museum across the country. This series on museum miniatures will show you how to locate these wonderful examples of miniature work.

The first set of examples are from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Described as the world’s leading museum of art and design, the V&A may not seem like a place you would find many miniatures. But here are some amazing examples. My definition of what counts as a miniature may differ from your but I believe every miniaturist should look at this kind of work.

img_4453 This German altarpiece from 1520 depicts St. Margaret in a…

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2 Responses to Museum Miniatures Part 1

  1. jellico84 says:

    I love collecting miniatures, especially figurines or decorative boxes. My definition is will it fit inside a small jewelers box (approx. 2x2in, 3x3in). I had an old printers box, and I used it’s cubbies to display my collection.

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