Notes From a Knit-Wit…

Lately life has been… complicated. My husband is going on retirement soon, and is finding the prospect stressful, to say the least. There are also hordes of forms to fill out and submit.

I have two stalled tatting projects, and really don’t feel that I can just abandon them. However, they are on the back burner at the moment.

I have been keeping on with the lace knitting. πŸ˜‰

Lace Knitting

I also promised my husband a jersey.


I am using an old jersey as a template. So far, so good. Apart from a quick game of thread chicken…

Thread Chicken

Then things got a little complicated with the front.


Yes, there are three needles, (not counting the cable needle holding a dropped stitch) and no, they are not double pointed. I managed to sort this out and soldiered on!

He wanted cables up the front.


I give you cables! And then realised that I hadn’t changed needles after completing the rib… Swearing abounded.

I pulled out to the rib and started again.

Oh, well. This is only my third jersey. I am never able to match the given tension, and so pretty much write my own version of patterns. (No, using different gauge needles doesn’t help)

My first was dead straight blocks with no shaping at all. Actually a good one to start off with and my son still wears it. My second ended up with gussets because I had measurement issues. I don’t wear it in public, but it is a favourite of mine. We will see how this one turns out.

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23 Responses to Notes From a Knit-Wit…

  1. joey says:

    I can’t knit, so while I relate to your frustration, I can only admire your work πŸ™‚

  2. thebiasedge says:

    Oh you are very good to figure out how the knitting goes from another jersey. I can only knit and purl. Anything else I am lost. LOL

  3. Your knitting is wonderfully even – I used to use very large hair clips or safety pins for the cables themselves and slip the stitches onto the needle when on the reverse side in order to process them as there’s usually no ‘twist’ on that face and the stitches would be the wrong way round – don’t know if that makes any sense(?) It certainly saved sticking myself in the chest with cable needles floating around in the middle of the work πŸ˜‰
    Good luck to your husband ploughing through the forms and paperwork

  4. earthbalm says:

    I’ve just taken early retirement from teaching and it is a stressful process – and I find that I need a new job. Good luck to you both.

  5. Beautiful knitting! Best of luck adjusting to retirement. πŸ™‚

  6. Kat L. says:

    The jersey looks great and so does the lace! Can’t wait to see them when they’re finished πŸ™‚

  7. yumi says:

    Lovely! I love knitting too. I am knitting a summer cardigan for myself. I finished a vest for my hubby a couple of months ago. I am looking forward to seeing the results!

  8. D J Mills says:

    Wow! Retirement is wonderful if he is into projects. Projects keep me busy every week, even if it is only maintenance on the house or yard, or writing or painting, or something else.
    The cable looks good, and don’t worry about not changing needles, as I found jumpers are better a little loose rather than too tight around the chest, neck, etc. .

  9. yumi says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog again. How is your life going? I really hope everything is going well with you. I am looking forward to seeing your next blog entry and the finished knits!

  10. WOL says:

    One of the best knitting accessories I’ve found is those oblong Post-it notes/sticky notes. They’re great for keeping track of your place in a pattern because they stay where you put them. That way you don’t have to make pencil marks on the pattern — important if the pattern is in a book or magazine that belongs to somebody else. You can also make notes on the sticky note of things you need to keep in mind or what a particular abbreviation means, etc. Even though I keep my patterns on my computer (like the ones I get from Ravelry, or the ones I write), I’ve had people in knitting group want a copy of a pattern — at the end of the group meeting, I just write down where I am on the sticky note, and give them the pattern. I can always print out another copy.

  11. Sandy says:

    I have much better luck working from my own diagram than following someone else’s directions. You look like you are making progress.

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