1,568 Sawdust Hearts

Lest we forget.


During the Spring of this year a friend told me about the 1,568 Sawdust Hearts project. After the First World War, many men came home injured and suffering from shell shock. As part of their recovery they were encouraged to take up craft work. A popular craft was to make a sawdust heart pincushion for a loved one.

Decorations were simple, and easy to do using pictures, pins and threads.  Occupational therapy was born.This one was found in an antique shop this year.

Helen Birmingham has a studio and gallery in Scarborough and decided she would like to raise money for Combat Stress, a charity who provides help and support for soldiers with post traumatic stress. She saw an article about sweetheart pincushions as they were known, on the internet ,and came up with the idea of asking people to decorate a sawdust heart for an exhibition, for which there…

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5 Responses to 1,568 Sawdust Hearts

  1. Thanks so much for pointing us to this. Great to hear from you. All best wishes 🙂

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  3. D J Mills says:

    Thanks for the link. Wonderful workmanship. And so sad.

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