On We Go…

We saw the plastic surgeon today. Because it is so close to the eye, she will have to do a skin graft. My husband will be going in on the 18th. He will be walking around over Christmas with a big dressing on his face. Anyone says anything humourous and I am likely to spit in their eye.

She sounded pretty sure that the Melanoma hadn’t spread. I don’t think I will relax until everything is over. I’m assuming they will send what they cut out away for analysis.

We will go back two weeks later for the post-op check up. I suppose we will hear the final result then. I’m going to have a fun festive season… My husband doesn’t seem to be concerned. I’m glad for him – stress doesn’t do him any good.

Thanks so much for all the comments and good wishes. Each and every one is appreciated.

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24 Responses to On We Go…

  1. foguth says:

    Will be praying extra hard on the 18th!!!

  2. earthbalm says:

    As foguth said, will also be thinking positively on the 18th.

  3. franhunne4u says:

    My grandparents both had melanomas cut out – and both survived it, and lived on. I know that you said no humour – but humour sometimes makes life easier to deal with. No, I will not make a joke.

    • notewords says:

      Sorry, I meant more ‘face to face’ humour from relatives and such. I probably didn’t express myself well. What with one thing and another, I’m not at my best.
      I usually follow a quote from the series M.A.S.H. You’ve got to laugh or you’d never stop crying.
      It just upsets my husband when people make stupid or insensitive comments, but he’s too nice to say so. I’m not so nice.
      Thanks for your comments. All positive feedback appreciated. I only knew two people who had Melanomas and neither survived.

  4. We will all be positive-mode-on!

  5. rmkinder says:

    A friend and colleague had a melanoma removed over twenty years ago–never reappeared. it wasn’t on her face, but it was fairly large. My sister, who had cancer throughout her body about 14 months ago (not melanoma) is today cancer free–all scans (blood, bone, brain, body) show no sign. First she had the traditional treatment, then an immunotherapy treatment, and that one wiped out the remaining cancer. A year ago, she was preparing to die. I think truly today cancer can be cured or reduced to a manageable level. I pray for cancer victims every night. God bless you both.

  6. Always hope for the best. It looks like you’ve done/are doing all you can, and as “inconvenient” as this is, the prognosis is good. All my best to you, always.

  7. Praying all goes well!

  8. Kat L. says:

    I will keep you in my thoughts! Let’s hope there will be no need to spit anyone in the eye (though I fully understand the temptation), but most of all, fingers crossed for good news!

  9. Clairinette says:

    Sending you good wishes for the surgery and recovery of your husband. You are so strong.

  10. salpal1 says:

    Best of luck! I am sure it will all work out.

  11. Sorry I’m so late to this, sending hugs and all my positive thoughts your way

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