In the Jungle…

What with one thing and another, the garden was pretty much ignored over the last few months.

In the Jungle

We have been attacking it spasmodically. My husband gets tired, also I don’t think sunburn on a healing skin graft is a good thing. But he gets upset if I go ahead and do it. Some progress has been made.

Hack and Slash

I’m expecting to find an outbuilding or two we may have overlooked.

I’ve been doing some crocheting recently. I’d forgotten how fast it is, certainly compared with knitting and tatting is not even in the same postal code. I made a couple of shawls in a couple of weeks, and I wasn’t even pushing it. Not an intricate pattern, but a stitch I love, Solomon’s Knot. Also known as the Lover’s Knot and (damned if I know why) Hailstone.

Grey Shawl Closeup

This was a gift. I made myself one as well.

Sparkly Shawl

There is a metallic thread through this one, although it doesn’t show up well in the photo. Don’t look at the dates which show how long ago I did them….

Here is the odd story for anyone who is interested.

I saw a mark on my son’s left shoulder that I thought could be dangerous. He can be less than cooperative with doctors and such. He has spent a lot of time in hospitals and sometimes refuses outright to be hauled off for whatever. So I made an appointment for all three of us for a ‘routine health check-up’. We went to the Dermatologist and there was no mark on my son’s shoulder… The Dermatologist, however, took one look at an innocuous (to me) brown mark next to my husband’s eye that I can find in photos going back ten years. The rest is history.

I have no explanation for the mark I was convinced I saw. I can still see it clearly in my mind’s eye. All I can suggest is that it was a vivid dream. I very rarely remember my dreams. There was one lucid dream (where you know you are dreaming and can actually control what is happening) that I had when I was still in school, and can still remember. Another dream was of my parents, some time after they had passed away. I remember saying in the dream ‘I know it’s a dream, but it’s so nice to see you’.

I’m never been one who has ‘feelings’ or ‘forebodings’ or anything like that.

So there it is, for what it’s worth.



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6 Responses to In the Jungle…

  1. joey says:

    That’s a good story, maybe even a lifesaver!
    I never ‘undid’ any bit of my garden or yard this past fall, and now I am sorry. I usually rake the last of the leaves into the beds and chop down all the stragglers, but this fall, I didn’t. It’s looks worse for wear mid-winter. For part of it, my in-laws were preparing their house to sell and had taken my tools and for the rest I guess I was too busy to care, and now I must suffer til spring. There are worse things, but it IS bothering me. Glad y’all are cleaning up over there 🙂

  2. D J Mills says:

    Your lawn looks lovely and green, if a little bit long. My yard had not been mowed for 2 months due to very hot weather that burnt the grass to brown then dried it out so that it crunched under my feet. Yesterday I decided to mow the weeds before the cyclone heats the Australian east coast this weekend, and it is starting to green up again now we have had some rain. I also find working for an hour in the garden early in the morning, then disappearing inside to write or tat or read a good book until late afternoon when the heat has dropped helps my energy levels remain above “zombie” level. Or it could just be old age has arrived in my house. 🙂
    And I love your shawls.

  3. ingridcc says:

    I’m very impressed you’ve made so much headway, also that you and your husband get out and walk every day. Thanks for your note on my blog, brought me here, and I find I’ve been going through some of the same life experiences as you have (uncannily similar!). Thanks for the inspiration. oh – I love the shawl! I still haven’t knitted or crocheted one, but I keep saving patterns for them. One of these days…

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