My Recent Kintsugi Work

Just because you are a little damaged doesn’t mean life is over.

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Happy 2020 to everyone from Japan! We are in our New Year’s holidays now.  I came back to update my blog constantly again!

Today I want to show you my recent kintsugi work.

Kinstugi Yumi

This one is a bottom of my Dresden teacher, Alfredo’s hand-painted piece which was broken by the earthquake in 2018.

Kinstugi Yumi

Kinstugi Yumi

I bought these pieces at Gojyozaka porcelain festival last summer to fix them. When I bought them, they were broken pieces, and I got them very cheap.

The porcelain is called Kiyomizuyaki in Japanese, and the perfect ones are expensive.

Kinstugi Yumi

Kinstugi Yumi

Kinstugi Yumi

The last one is an antique. I got this at an antique shop in Kyoto.

I think I am luck to live close to Kyoto because the city is a porcelain city, and I can get lots of broken pieces for my kintsugi work.

A couple of weeks ago, I finished my first gintsugi work. Gintsugi is…

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2 Responses to My Recent Kintsugi Work

  1. “Just because you are a little damaged doesn’t mean life is over”
    Amen to that …
    Beautiful items still v beautiful with life …

  2. yumi says:

    Thank you for reblogging my entry! I love the words, “Just because you are a little damaged doesn’t mean life is over.” very much. I thik that’s the real meaning of kintsugi!!!

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