The Result of Results

Medical information below. Please skip if you would prefer.

First off, my son’s results are clear. Thank heaven for that. He had a mole we have been keeping an eye on, but… I wasn’t as careful about the monthly checkups as I should have been. It was on his back, so he couldn’t check it himself. I would never have forgiven myself if it had been something serious. His father was diagnosed with a melanoma, and there is an increased risk if a direct family member has had one, so I was stupid to be careless.

My result is – basically, they’re not sure. The language is more technical, but that is the essence. I thought that’s what biopsies were for! They are going to remove the lesion, which is something else I’m not looking forward to. When my husband went in for his melanoma to be removed, we had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am. AAArgh.

And I worry.

But I’m still glad we went. Rather early than late.

If anyone out there has a skin lesion they are worried about, PLEASE have it checked out. There is no benefit in waiting. Even though my husband had a melanoma, it was early enough that it hadn’t spread and could be safely removed.

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14 Responses to The Result of Results

  1. foguth says:

    Praying for good health for all of you!

  2. joliesattic says:

    My son had several quite large moles on his back, which we had removed while he was still young. Mostly because we live in California and sun exposure is a given here and we didn’t want to risk it. Fortunately, they were fine, but one never knows. There was no precedent in my family nor as far as I know his dad’s, but we did worry they would get even larger and become more susceptible. The doctor recommended it as well. He’s almost forty now and not had any problems.

    • notewords says:

      The sun is a problem here in South Africa as well. I don’t know why they didn’t take it out in the first place. Glad it worked out well for your brother.
      Thanks for coming past.

  3. All good thoughts to you all.
    Here in the north of England on the Scottish Borders the sun is also a problem especially if you are fair skinned and/or have thinning hair. My husband has been monitored for the last couple of years or so after a cancerous growth was removed from the top of his ear (they did a v neat job and barely left a scar) and he has to treat his scalp and nose from time to time for pre cancerous growths. And I’ve got one too on the very top of my head that I have to check regularly and keep my head covered when out. So it goes, my dears, so it goes
    Thinking of you

    • notewords says:

      Thanks so much. My husband has also had quite a few growths removed. We are very careful to take him for regular check-ups. Melanomas do worry me. I’ve known three or four people who had them. One I lost track of and the others didn’t make it. Not that worrying helps. If it did, I would be rich and healthy, and… πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for coming past.

  4. Kat L. says:

    I’m glad your son is fine!
    I had a suspicious (it started changing) mole removed years ago and I remember the stress of waiting for the results… I hope that your lesion removal turns out to be only preventative and that you are fine as well!

  5. Praying for health and safety for all of you! There have been several issues with melanomas in my family as well. As you say, better safe than sorry!

  6. I am glad to hear that your son is doing well. Thanks God! And please don’t worry about the surgery, it will go smoothly. Then it will be over and everything is going to be good.

  7. joey says:

    A very important warning that people too often ignore.
    I’m glad about your son, and even glad about you — although I sure hope you can get some nice relieving news on it πŸ™‚

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