Here We Go

South Africa is on lockdown.

Our president made a speech tonight declaring a national emergency. Travel restrictions, schools closing from Wednesday until after Easter and gatherings larger than 100 people banned. There is more than that, but I won’t go into all the details.

Here is a quote.

“We must accept the anxiety this virus causes, but we must fight panic and fake news.

“We cannot allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by fear and panic. We must stop spreading unverified and fake news. While we are facing a medical emergency far graver than we have experienced in recent times, we are not helpless. We have the expertise, means and knowledge to fight this disease. We also have partners, various countries and institutions, working with us. If we act swiftly we can limit the effects of the disease.”

He said the virus had the potential “to bring us closer together … even though we are limiting contact … we must work together and collaborate … it requires solidarity and compassion. Those who have resources must assist those who are vulnerable and in need.”

A pretty good speech, but there are tough times ahead, and at 68 and 65 my husband and I are way too close to the age groups which have the most serious problems. And I have my son to think of as well. He has a physical handicap and has had pneumonia very badly on more than one occasion.

Well, there is no way around this, only through. And stock up on the toilet paper – if you can find any… (Still damned if I know why this is such a favoured item for hording)

Strength and blessings to everyone out there battling this. Keep well and stay safe.

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19 Responses to Here We Go

  1. thebiasedge says:

    Sending you air hugs. It is very tough for all of us. But it too shall pass.

  2. only thro indeed. Onwards, upwards and, I’d like to say throwards but no such word these days 😀
    Filling time with doing, listening and reading. Be safe and hugs all round (should think a good solid hug would be safe at this distance)
    All the very best

  3. I hope you and your family can stay well.

  4. Sending you all good things to stay well! I have heard of some cases of C-19 causing the runs. Otherwise, 1. people are just concerned about having enough if they have to be quarantined, or 2. people are just being jerks, or 3. people are trying to sell stuff online for extraordinary prices (I saw a case of toilet paper being sold for $500). Take care and stay healthy!

  5. Please, stay at home. Safe and careful!
    Here, in Northern Italy, we are facing the nightmare.
    Please, take care and stay at home.

  6. joey says:

    Hoping you and your family all make it through with good health.

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