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Sing a Song

The cockatiel is much better, pretty much back to his old self. He whistles to go out, but the weather is getting cooler and I don’t want him to get sick again. He’s no youngster. I was hoping to get … Continue reading

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Life, and Other Happenings

I submitted a manuscript in May for a competition. The blog post is here, for anyone who wants. The results came out a while ago, and I didn’t make the short list. I’m not sorry I tried, and I think … Continue reading

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Happy 100th Birthday!

No, it’s not me. I found this by accident. The page is too big to get into one picture. Look at the date of the stamp. One of the shelves on my bookcase collapsed. I should have realised when the … Continue reading

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All Quiet on the Blogging Front

If anyone thought I’ve been rather quiet lately, they’re right. For reasons best known to itself and Microsoft, my computer decided to add some interest to my life. My user profile somehow switched to some mysterious ‘default’ setting, and everything … Continue reading

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An Historic Weed

This is an addition to my previous post. Quite a few people didn’t know what blackjacks were, and I wondered where else they can be found. Compliments of Wikipedia – the scientific name for Blackjacks is Bidens pilosa. Here is … Continue reading

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Silence of the Guitars

Sunday 18th January. I mentioned in a previous post that I have been teaching at the same school for 9 years. I started out one day a week, then two and for a couple of years I’ve been there three … Continue reading

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Resolving Resolutions

I have a nasty tendency to tuck things away to ‘keep them safe’. This means that cleaning out cupboards can resemble an archaeological dig. Of course it also means that a lot of time gets wasted with ‘Oh goodness, I’d … Continue reading

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Words From Across the World – JFK Assassination

When I was growing up, my father worked as an underground electrician on a coal mine. In his spare time he was a radio amateur (also known as ham radio) , as was my mother. This was way before TV … Continue reading

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