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An Inspiring Blog

I always do a search for any blogs that use the tag ‘tatting’. That’s how I came across She was rejoicing in the fact that she had managed to tat again, fifteen years after a stroke that left her … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Hooked…

I have been lured over to the dark side, and started crocheting again. This little fellow just amused me! This is another craft that is so different from when I first learnt (more years ago than I care to remember). … Continue reading

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Reindeer Games…

I was visiting a gardening center today. They have a lovely selection of Christmas decorations and tableaux. With one extra… The cat was completely unconcerned with people, music, chatter or anything else. Having attended to his personal hygiene, there was … Continue reading

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Tatting and other Thready Things

I haven’t done much blogging lately – a case of life happening while I made other plans. I’m hoping to get back into more of a routine. I started another blog a while ago with the intention having one place … Continue reading

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Tat a Pot Plant!

I came across this pattern on ‘Intatters’ some time ago and tatted it as a gift for a friend of mine. Here’s the link – I used a polystyrene ball covered with felt inside the flowerpot (which originally held a … Continue reading

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Follow the thread

A bit of bragging. I decided to make a tea shower (net to put over food to keep insects away) for my nephew and his wife as a house warming gift when they moved into their own home. Sewing them … Continue reading

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Monkeys, Butterflies and Larks

We had a monkey’s wedding the other day. For those of you who don’t know the phrase (probably most of you not on the African continent) it means a shower of rain while the sun is shining.  It comes from … Continue reading

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An Upside Down Christmas

First thing to remember is that we are in the southern hemisphere. It’s hot! Although it’s what I’ve always known, it still sounds odd to be singing about holly and mistletoe. I’ve never seen a real sprig of either of … Continue reading

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