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An Inspiring Blog

I always do a search for any blogs that use the tag ‘tatting’. That’s how I came across She was rejoicing in the fact that she had managed to tat again, fifteen years after a stroke that left her … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Hooked…

I have been lured over to the dark side, and started crocheting again. This little fellow just amused me! This is another craft that is so different from when I first learnt (more years ago than I care to remember). … Continue reading

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Reindeer Games…

I was visiting a gardening center today. They have a lovely selection of Christmas decorations and tableaux. With one extra… The cat was completely unconcerned with people, music, chatter or anything else. Having attended to his personal hygiene, there was … Continue reading

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Tatting and other Thready Things

I haven’t done much blogging lately – a case of life happening while I made other plans. I’m hoping to get back into more of a routine. I started another blog a while ago with the intention having one place … Continue reading

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Tat a Pot Plant!

I came across this pattern on ‘Intatters’ some time ago and tatted it as a gift for a friend of mine. Here’s the link – I used a polystyrene ball covered with felt inside the flowerpot (which originally held a … Continue reading

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Follow the thread

A bit of bragging. I decided to make a tea shower (net to put over food to keep insects away) for my nephew and his wife as a house warming gift when they moved into their own home. Sewing them … Continue reading

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Monkeys, Butterflies and Larks

We had a monkey’s wedding the other day. For those of you who don’t know the phrase (probably most of you not on the African continent) it means a shower of rain while the sun is shining.  It comes from … Continue reading

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