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A Quick Word

I wanted to do a proper post, but my brain is mush. I will be seeing the specialist later today. We will see where we go from there.

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Just Quickly.

I have medical tests tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

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My Recent Kintsugi Work

Originally posted on My porcelain painting blog:
Happy 2020 to everyone from Japan! We are in our New Year’s holidays now.  I came back to update my blog constantly again! Today I want to show you my recent kintsugi work.…

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All the Best for 2020.

This is going to be very quick. I am having internet problems which may continue for a while. Otherwise things are going along reasonably. I had plans! But life is what happens while you are making other plans… All the … Continue reading

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Day trip to Exeter Cathedral for a special Embroidery exhibition — Stitched up with Thread

With our little cottage is starting to feel more like home, we decided that the time had come to plan a day trip to get to see a little more of this part of England, especially with my course commencing … Continue reading

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April 30, 1900 Two Minutes Late

Originally posted on Today in History:
Acts of heroism have a way of popping up, in the most unexpected places. Ordinary people rising to the occasion, in anything but ordinary circumstances. Just recently, two teenage boys chased down a kidnapper…

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Originally posted on My OBT:
Steeven Salvat Today, I’m thrilled to bring you the shockingly good art by Steeven Salvat (sometimes in collaboration with fellow artist Théo Jan). His classical-looking drawings of antique objects look like antiques themselves, but the…

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Dirty Girl

Originally posted on My OBT:
Iris Scott I can remember encountering oil paints for the first time as a child and thinking that I really just wanted to get my fingers in there. It all seemed so silky and delicious,…

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On We Go…

We saw the plastic surgeon today. Because it is so close to the eye, she will have to do a skin graft. My husband will be going in on the 18th. He will be walking around over Christmas with a … Continue reading

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Some Positive Thoughts Needed

This is just a quick post asking for thoughts and prayers for my husband. He has been diagnosed with a melanoma. Present indications are that we caught it very early, and that it has not spread. He will be going … Continue reading

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