About as Complicated as it Gets

First I would like to thank everyone who took the time to send good wishes and positive thoughts my way. I appreciate every one of them.

There is no easy way to say this. My husband has been diagnosed with dementia. We have an appointment with a neurologist to get a second opinion, but that is as things stand at the moment.

I gather dementia is a ‘catch-all’ diagnosis for a number of conditions, Alzheimer’s among them. He has been having some pretty severe symptoms, but there isn’t evidence of a stroke or tumour.

I would like to carry on my blogging as and when I can, but my posts are likely to be even more erratic than usual. I also can’t read and comment on everyone else’s posts as much as I would like.

I don’t plan to chronicle the difficulties which undoubtedly lie ahead of us – but felt I would like to let people know what is going on, as well as thank everyone for their good wishes and comments.


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Complications Compounded

My husband has been having some health problems lately. He will be going for an MRI tomorrow.

Positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

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Victoriana at 18 Stafford Terrace and the Sambournes

Time capsule.

Picture This uk

Edward Lynley Sambourne and his wife (Marion) took residence of 18 Stafford Terrace in Kensington  in 1874. The Sambourne family and descendants maintained the Victorian style and content.  The house was taken over and maintained by the Victorian Society and then the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in 1989.

The website ⇒ is informative, interesting and shows much of  Edward Lylynley Sambourne’s work as an illustrator.   There are a variety of tours available and open house (when photography is allowed) on some afternoons.  Hence the website is an essential read for those who wish to visit and may wish to note there are four flights of stairs without a lift..

The website is also used by Leighton House.  An interesting place but photography is not allowed (2017). 

For 40 years Edward Lynley Sambourne was notable contributor to the comedic and satirical magazine Punch ⇒ (which includes a large gallery…

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This gallery contains 22 photos.

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Julia Las We’re going to be away for the next week, so though I’ll still be posting daily, the posts will be short but sweet! Joining the ranks of brilliant painters of miniatures like Lorraine…

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Random Ramblings

Life continues somewhat complicated. Our Jack Russell, Sparky, has been diagnosed with the early stages of kidney disease. He’s getting on, as are we all. At least we can start with treatment that will hopefully ease things for him. He does get a free pass now if he has a slip-up in the house.

Sparky and Caesar sometime in 2005

I am soldiering on with my husband’s jersey. I may not get it finished in time for his birthday next month (the dreaded 65 – retirement). It’s quite a learning curve. Sometimes a learning cliff…

I still have two stalled tatting projects (three if you count the Celtic Shamrock Wreath – I don’t even want to guess how long that has been on stop).

I have been doing some bits and pieces just for myself. I’m digging out a lot of my favourite poems and memorising them.  I’ve always remembered bits of poems, I’m just putting them all together. I go around reciting something dramatic while hanging out the washing, or similar (My life is such a mad whirl). I do have a very old-fashioned view of poetry. I like the stuff that has rhyme and rhythm. I know the modern view is against this; I’m old enough not to care.

Something else which may be categorized as weird – I’m going through a maths course – starting with kindergarten, mind you. It’s many years since I was at school – things have changed more than a little. We did buy a maths course some years ago while my son was still at school. It explained things so cleverly that I couldn’t even do the addition or subtraction.

I’ve always had a ‘thing’ about maths. I can clearly remember a teacher telling me sometime in primary school ‘You’re good at languages, but bad at maths’. Every time I ran into problems with maths, I would just tell myself I was no good at it anyway, and stop trying.

When I got into music later on I found theory easy – I taught myself up to grade 5 and passed well too. There is a relationship between music and maths, and I began to wonder if I was as bad at maths as I’d always thought. A few months ago my son put me onto Kahn Acadamy. Their stated mission is to ‘provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere’.

It’s a great resource for anyone with kids in school, or who might like to brush up some rusty brain cells. It’s not only maths, they cover everything from History to Economics and Computer Programming. All free, and no adverts!


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The Power of Thanks

Something positive. 😉


One of my favorite moments from our recent vacation was when my husband thanked me. I’m a pretty typical Type A person, one who has to make lists and plan everything down to the smallest detail. Sometimes I feel like that trait is more obnoxious than helpful, both to me and to others. But this time, it was good, because I was prepared for almost everything the trip threw at us. And at one point, when I answered one of my husband’s suggestions with “I already looked into that and here’s the answer”, he paused, seemingly surprised, then thanked me for the time and effort I put into planning the trip.

Friends, I probably don’t have to tell you this, but that little gesture felt huge to me. It’s not that my husband doesn’t appreciate me; I know he does, just as I appreciate him. But I do think that…

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Notes From a Knit-Wit…

Lately life has been… complicated. My husband is going on retirement soon, and is finding the prospect stressful, to say the least. There are also hordes of forms to fill out and submit.

I have two stalled tatting projects, and really don’t feel that I can just abandon them. However, they are on the back burner at the moment.

I have been keeping on with the lace knitting. 😉

Lace Knitting

I also promised my husband a jersey.


I am using an old jersey as a template. So far, so good. Apart from a quick game of thread chicken…

Thread Chicken

Then things got a little complicated with the front.


Yes, there are three needles, (not counting the cable needle holding a dropped stitch) and no, they are not double pointed. I managed to sort this out and soldiered on!

He wanted cables up the front.


I give you cables! And then realised that I hadn’t changed needles after completing the rib… Swearing abounded.

I pulled out to the rib and started again.

Oh, well. This is only my third jersey. I am never able to match the given tension, and so pretty much write my own version of patterns. (No, using different gauge needles doesn’t help)

My first was dead straight blocks with no shaping at all. Actually a good one to start off with and my son still wears it. My second ended up with gussets because I had measurement issues. I don’t wear it in public, but it is a favourite of mine. We will see how this one turns out.

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