Oh, well…

Caesar is still going along. The one who has been sick is me…

(I’m letting off some steam – feel free to skip the rest of this post if other people’s symptoms bore you)

I don’t often get sick, and normally get over it quickly when I do. This was something else. If you want to confuse a doctor, have a few completely separate things going on at the same time. I got a weird itchy rash. On my back, so I really couldn’t see what was going on. It didn’t seem that bad, so I pretty much ignored it and hoped it would clear up by itself.

Then I had an abscessed tooth that was bad enough to be painful right into the ear and running temperatures of 39 degrees. Then have an allergic reaction to the medication for pain and inflammation. Yes, it is possible to have two different rashes at the same time. Incidentally, the first rash was shingles… Note to self, do not ask husband if you have a rash. He will say ‘yes’ and not elaborate. I only managed to get a look when my son took a photo. Wow.

Then wake up in the middle of the night with a numb, burning pain down your left arm and into your hand… Four a.m. and I am looking up the symptoms of a heart attack.

Some x-rays later it seems the problem is coming from my neck, exacerbated by the shingles. Two weeks later and I still have numbness in two fingers of my left hand. I’m a guitarist. My left hand is important! And it feels a little slow and stupid as well. And I can’t take the !@#&* pain-and-inflammation medication because I am allergic.

All tatting is on stop. Even driving was challenging. Try driving with numbness going down your arm.

Things have improved somewhat. At least I can drive again. But those numb fingers are driving me nuts!

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Popping Pills…

Happy New Year to everyone, and all the best for 2017.

Yes, I know it’s almost the end of January. I didn’t want to get lost in the wave of New Year’s greetings. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

No ironing today

No ironing today

Caesar is still soldiering on. He had some problems a few weeks ago – he was getting very clumsy and confused. I thought we were going have to put him down. I ended up taking him to a different vet, who put him onto medication. I’m glad to say there has been a considerable improvement. He has eye-drops, which are fine. He has various liquids, which are fine. He also has various tablets, which are… not fine.

I came across this while looking for help on administering pills. It was no help with pill popping, but good for a giggle or two. (I inserted a link, but it seems to keep disappearing – the website is http://www.pawsperouspets.com/humor/catpill.shtml)

Caesar is coping pretty well on the whole, although we do have to watch him.

I haven’t been doing much tatting – life getting in the way. I need a nice project. I’m not one for the huge doilies – I know it will never be used and I’m not putting all that work and time into something that will go into a cupboard, never to see the light of day again.

I also promised my husband a knitted jersey…



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Museum Miniatures Part 1

Tiny treasures.

The Wonder of Miniature Worlds

If you are a miniaturist you know that the most familiar places to view miniatures are the miniature exhibit and sales room, and the few miniature museums that are located in the center of the country. But for those who can’t visit these venues, there are miniatures located in pretty much every museum across the country. This series on museum miniatures will show you how to locate these wonderful examples of miniature work.

The first set of examples are from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Described as the world’s leading museum of art and design, the V&A may not seem like a place you would find many miniatures. But here are some amazing examples. My definition of what counts as a miniature may differ from your but I believe every miniaturist should look at this kind of work.

img_4453 This German altarpiece from 1520 depicts St. Margaret in a…

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In 2017 there is Hope and there is the True Nature of Humanity

This gallery contains 22 photos.

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“2016 was rough but we still have every reason to hope” says Avaaz ⇒.  Avaaz has 43 million members and raise petitions that work on the local, national and international level.  More ↓. Below…

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The Family Business

This gallery contains 15 photos.

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Cesare Toffolo Father and son Emanuel and Cesare Toffolo are glass artists trained and working in Murano, Italy. But though their roots are the same, their work is very, very different. Father Cesare makes beautiful, mostly-traditional-looking…

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The Elegant Rebel

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Elina Gleizer Although she’s only 29 years old, Israeli jewelry designer and goldsmith Elina Gleizer has a very mature eye for design. She got her degree in jewelry design from Israel’s Shenkar College of Engineering and Design,…

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Caesar is doing somewhat better. The pathology lab has, however, manage to lose his blood tests. I’ve been waiting for the results since Monday, and now the vet has gone on holiday until after the new year. 😦

There is another vet at the practice, but this is the same one that saw Caesar a week before all the trouble, and said he was fine… These problems have been a long time coming, and he sure as !@#$ wasn’t fine.

Caesar did get a check-up on Thursday before the vet went on holiday, and she was satisfied with his progress, which has to count for something. However, I will be happier once they sort out the blood tests.

In other news, Sparky the Jack Russell has had the world’s worst upset stomach (just finished ten days of antibiotics), and the other cat, Titch, may have tick-bite fever. I have just come back from the vet with her. (A different veterinary practice – things are getting complicated.) Here are a couple of photos – from a while ago. I haven’t been doing much of the happy snaps lately.

Titch making herself comfortable in the car

Titch making herself comfortable in the car

Now we cross all our fingers and toes, and hold thumbs that nothing drastic happens over Christmas and New Year. Because during the festive season no-one wants to know your troubles, even if you are human, never mind an elderly cat or dog. Ho, ho, ho…

Caesar hogging the heater, Sparky out in the cold.

Caesar hogging the heater, Sparky out in the cold.

Tatting has been happening, but at a very slow pace, what with one thing and another. As if I don’t have enough on my plate, I am trying my hand at needle lace. Pictures to follow, if I manage to produce anything worthwhile.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me 2016 has been hell on wheels. We’ve all been sick, humans and animals, often in batches. They say that all good things come to an end, hopefully all bad things do as well.

Thanks again to everyone who came past with positive messages and good wishes. 😀

All the best over the festive season, and may the best of 2016 be the worst of 2017.


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