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Holidays, Health and Handwork

My husband came through the operation well, now it is just waiting for the results. It just looks so uncomfortable. The dressing is right up against the eye, and has been stitched on. The plastic surgeon said no dressing would … Continue reading

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Caesar is doing somewhat better. The pathology lab has, however, manage to lose his blood tests. I’ve been waiting for the results since Monday, and now the vet has gone on holiday until after the new year. 😦 There is … Continue reading

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If You Like Cats…

A lot of people start up twitter accounts or blogs about their animals. Many don’t last past a few weeks. Others are a bright spot whenever they appear.  I’m not fond of animal dress-up or photo-shopped images – natural cattitude … Continue reading

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Reindeer Games…

I was visiting a gardening center today. They have a lovely selection of Christmas decorations and tableaux. With one extra… The cat was completely unconcerned with people, music, chatter or anything else. Having attended to his personal hygiene, there was … Continue reading

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T’was the Night After Christmas…

Clearing up the debris of Christmas presents – or attempting to, the cats were having a blast with the wrapping paper – I was reminded of a Christmas when my son was around three. We had bought carefully chosen, age-appropriate … Continue reading

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An Upside Down Christmas

First thing to remember is that we are in the southern hemisphere. It’s hot! Although it’s what I’ve always known, it still sounds odd to be singing about holly and mistletoe. I’ve never seen a real sprig of either of … Continue reading

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