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The Learning Curve

I’ve been tatting for nearly four years now, so I don’t quite count myself as a beginner, but it’s an ongoing process. So I joined The Online Tatting Class. It’s free, it’s fun and there’s always someone to ask if you … Continue reading

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Silence of the Guitars

Sunday 18th January. I mentioned in a previous post that I have been teaching at the same school for 9 years. I started out one day a week, then two and for a couple of years I’ve been there three … Continue reading

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Resolving Resolutions

I have a nasty tendency to tuck things away to ‘keep them safe’. This means that cleaning out cupboards can resemble an archaeological dig. Of course it also means that a lot of time gets wasted with ‘Oh goodness, I’d … Continue reading

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Happy Tatt-iversary!

It’s two years since I started tatting. I absolutely can’t believe it – it has become so natural to tuck my little tatting bag into my handbag wherever I go. Not that any of this was what I planned. What … Continue reading

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The Dog Ate My Homework…

One thing you hear a lot of as a teacher are excuses. Many, many excuses! Most of them are along the lines of ‘I forgot’. This does not fly very well because I write down the homework, plus write the … Continue reading

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