Spring is Sprung…

What can I say, there are some benefits to living in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spring Garden 2013

Spring Garden 2013

When I was growing up we would say this little piece of doggerel every year. We thought it hilarious. Here is all of it for anyone who may not have come across it. There are some different versions, but this is the one we knew, and doing the two different voices (the forth line was ‘fancy’) was the best part of it.

‘Spring is sprung,

De grass is riz,

I wonder where dem boidies is.

“The birds are on the wing”

But dat’s absoid,

De wing is on de boid!

It’s called ‘Springtime in the Bronx’ and our good old friend Anonymous is responsible, although I also saw a reference to A.A. Milne.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

We have a ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, at the front door (also known as ‘Engagement, Marriage and Divorce’ if you are feeling cynical). The scent is wonderful.

Flowering Peach Tree

Flowering Peach Tree

The flowering peach tree looks lovely for a week or two, then drops all its petals. It’s only ornamental, and so shouldn’t have fruit at all, but if it’s feeling surly, it grows little peaches that just go rotten and stink up the place. 

We had a very mild winter this year, and an early Spring. Officially, Spring day is the first of September and the schools insist that everyone changes to Summer uniforms. Usually this means goose-bumps and chattering teeth…

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  1. Just been looking up the “yesterday today and tomorrow” plant (and yes, it’s just after 3.00 am here – can’t sleep). It says here it’s called Brunfelsia pauciflora but there’s absolutely nothing ” “pauci” about its flowering! Very abundant and big flowers for a member of the potato family. Lovely 😉

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