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Sad News

We lost Caesar today. He had what appeared to be a stroke and on top of his other health problems his prognosis was very poor. He was around 14 years old, and had been battling health problems for the last … Continue reading

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Happy 100th Birthday!

No, it’s not me. I found this by accident. The page is too big to get into one picture. Look at the date of the stamp. One of the shelves on my bookcase collapsed. I should have realised when the … Continue reading

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Reindeer Games…

I was visiting a gardening center today. They have a lovely selection of Christmas decorations and tableaux. With one extra… The cat was completely unconcerned with people, music, chatter or anything else. Having attended to his personal hygiene, there was … Continue reading

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Happy Tattiversary to me!

Digging through some old images on my computer (anything rather than doing something constructive) I realised that it is three years since I started tatting. It’s surprising how much I’ve done in these years. I love it, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Being Nibbled to Death by Ducks…

I know there’s been a deathly hush from this little corner of the internet. It’s been one of those years. First let me say, nothing serious, nothing life threatening. But it just hasn’t stopped! The ‘nibbled to death by ducks’ … Continue reading

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Spring Is Gone, Winter Coming On

Six months ago I was boasting about the benefits of living in the Southern hemisphere. That was then; this is now. We are into autumn, digging out the warm clothing and seeing which of the heaters still work. But for … Continue reading

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Words From Across the World – JFK Assassination

When I was growing up, my father worked as an underground electrician on a coal mine. In his spare time he was a radio amateur (also known as ham radio) , as was my mother. This was way before TV … Continue reading

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