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I always do a search for any blogs that use the tag ‘tatting’. That’s how I came across She was rejoicing in the fact that she had managed to tat again, fifteen years after a stroke that left her with the use of only one hand. That post is here.

I also found that she was honouring her mother and the amazing flowers and butterflies  she crocheted. They are so beautiful it is hard to believe they are crochet. Images of the flowers are here. There is also a Wikipedia entry, which details all the exhibitions of the flowers.

At 85 years old, she is an inspiration to us all!

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12 Responses to An Inspiring Blog

  1. OMG, words can’t describe the beauty of these flowers. Would love to try them but could not understand the way she gives instructions. Truly beautiful!

  2. Barbara says:

    Yes she is an amazing lady and I enjoy her blog immensely. Never say it can’t be done to Myra.

  3. Oh my oh my oh my on all fronts. V moving piece of tatting (a phrase I never imaged I’d be saying about tatting) and the floral crochet oooh. Beautiful colour use and flow of shapes. I wonder how her hands were when working on them. Thanks so much for sharing these researches 😉

  4. thebiasedge says:

    Thank you for sharing about this lady. She inspires me.

  5. Sandy says:

    Good for her. It takes determination.

  6. Simply-Me says:

    Wow beautiful, thank you for sharing the blog with us.

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