The Internet Hates Me – part 2

The day after I posted on this, I received two e-mails confirming receipt of my submissions…


They promise everyone a reply, even if it’s just a rejection, which is so much better than ‘if you have heard nothing by xxx, you may assume your submission was unsuccessful’.  I’d rather see it in black and white. I will add it to my collection. My rather large collection.

In completely unrelated news, there is another post on my other blog. It’s tatting related, for anyone who would like to have a look.

And I’m still writing regularly!

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15 Responses to The Internet Hates Me – part 2

  1. foguth says:

    I once met a person who wallpapered their bathroom with rejection letters … seemed rather morbid to me, not to mention too focused on negativity.

  2. Deanna Willmon says:

    Keep on, keepin’ on! Thanks for posting. 🙂

  3. annj49 says:

    I don’t know how you do it……

  4. I popped past the Hodderscape page, because the waiting (even for a tangible thanks, but no thanks) is a killer. Then I caught sight of ‘South African’ in the comments section, and rushed right on over here, all excited to *meet* another SA writer who writes the kind of thing Hodderscape do publish. SA sff writers are pretty thin on the ground in the writers groups I hang out in online. If you do decide to go the facebook author page route, give me a shout and I’ll recommend some good groups to join.

    So basically, just wanted to say ‘Hello’ – and good luck, too! 🙂

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