Crazy Tatting Lady

Mary Konior 'Goody Two Shoes' for my great-niece

Mary Konior ‘Goody Two Shoes’ for my great-niece

One of the benefits of tatting is that it is so portable. I hate wasting time in queues or waiting rooms and always have my tatting in my bag. This has the added benefit of people coming over to ask me what I’m doing. I’ve had some great conversations and met some interesting people. I keep a packet of little motifs that I give away to people who show interest.

On the music side, my pupil numbers have dwindled to half what they were a few years ago. The economy is tough and people don’t have money for extras. I have considered making tatted items for sale, but everyone and his dog is trying to sell something, and there is a glut of flea markets in the area. (Ooooh – dog… flea markets… that was unintentional) Tatting is so slow – and misunderstood – that I think it would be difficult to get a fair price.

There is, however, a surge in interest in handwork.

Then it occurred to me – I have been teaching guitar for nearly 30 years, why not teach tatting? It might be worth a try. Even if I only get a few people it would be better than nothing. The plus is that I enjoy teaching – when the student wants to learn…

Time will tell if this tatting lady is crazy.


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29 Responses to Crazy Tatting Lady

  1. foguth says:

    Have you thought of writing How To Books for tatting or playing the guitar?

    • notewords says:

      I actually did write a guitar book – the Guitarist’s Problem Solver, now that you mention it. I should dig it out and have another look. It was written a while ago, but the guitar doesn’t change.

      • foguth says:

        Have you published it?

      • notewords says:

        I submitted it once and got quite good feedback. Didn’t get around to it again.

      • foguth says:

        Fifteen years ago, I believed in going the traditional route.of submitting to agents and publishers, so that is the way I went. Then, ten years ago, due to a family crisis, I needed cancel 4 publishing contracts because I could not fulfill the marketing clauses, etc. It was such a hassle to get those cancelled and my rights back, that I swore I would never deal with another agent or publisher…. then, when I was back at a place where I could return to writing, I discovered ebooks… I love self publishing. Yes, it is annoying to oversee everything, but you get to hand-pick who designs you cover, etc., so you can package your book exactly as you want it. Could this book be published as an ebook?

      • notewords says:

        I need to dig it out and have a look, and I do mean dig… It was pre-computer days and there are quite a few diagrams that would need to be redone, plus I would have to scan in the typed pages..

  2. There is a definite lack of tatting instruction out there. You may have discovered a niche that needs to be filled.

  3. Zarina says:

    Here in Malaysia is the same scenario. I think by teaching handiwork such as tatting would be a great opportunity for you. It will definitely increase awareness about tatting.

  4. jeanweaves says:

    A while ago, when I mentioned to a fellow weaver that I’d never been able to learn tatting, she offered to teach me and before long, had six of us signed up to learn. It was a very enjoyable experience. And since you have a teacher’s heart, it does seem like a good direction.

  5. fabrickated says:

    It must be worth a try. It is a lovely hobby and you are very talented.

  6. Cheryl says:


  7. frilka says:

    this tatting lady is not crazy … it’s important to preserve skills like that … from the bottom of my heart wishing you luck …. something tells me I don’t have to … go out there your passion will be infectious … 🙂 xxx

  8. Ginny says:

    Sweet little baby booties! I know nothing about tatting except that when I see it, it’s gorgeous! I may like to learn one day. You do lovely work, so I am sure you would be a great teacher.

  9. ckendsley says:

    Those little slippers are just adorable! Never had children myself, but a wicked part of me is imagining the cat in them. 😉

    And I would definitely encourage you to look into teaching tatting, and whatever other craft skills you may have. Outside of my historical group, the world is losing those basic life skills that kept so many of our ancestors alive. It’s important for those of us who can to pass the knowledge on. You never know where it might lead you.

    Bright Blessings!

  10. claire93 says:

    doesn’t sound like a crazy idea to me.
    Do you have a local craft shop where you could maybe spread the word? Craft shop owners would possibly be willing to help get a class together, because they would then have new customers ^^ A win-win situation !

  11. I’m the same – I tat on public transport a lot and I’ve had some great conversations. I’ve also thought about selling tatting (and could discuss the economics for hours 🙂 but, teaching sounds like a great idea! Especially as you’re already a person with teaching skills. Try it!

  12. Sandy says:

    And it’s so beautiful. I love the look of tatting.

  13. I think you have hit upon a great idea. Tatting is an art that could have died out but seems to be attracting more people as crafting becomes more popular. I say go for it.

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